New Monopod Shooting Stick rolls out from Firefield

The Monopod Shooting Stick offers stability to shooters at the range and in the field. (Photo: Firefield)

FireField adds another new addition to its accessory lineup, launching the FireField Monopod Shooting Stick for rifle shooting.

The Monopod Shooting Stick pairs with any rifle to deliver more stability while shooting or hunting in the field. The shooting stick offers a cork grip with a wrist loop designed to deliver comfort while also allowing shooters to maintain control of the shooting rest.

The Monopod’s design allows it to work on nearly any terrain. (Photo: Firefield)

Constructed from aluminum and featuring a carbide tip, the Firefield Monopod Shooting Stick provides a rubber boot and trekking basket to allow it to accommodate a range of environments from snow to mud and even gravel and rocky terrain. The shooting stick comes with camera compatibility as well as other accessories via a pre-installed camera bolt. The Firefield Monopod Shooting Stick rounds out its attributes with a telescoping feature that allows for height adjustment.

“The Firefield Monopod Shooting Stick is a great tool to keep your firearm stable while hunting or shooting at the range,” Firefield said in a press release.

No word yet on pricing or availability.

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