Hudson Manufacturing releases 17-round magazines for H9 pistols

The new 17 round magazine boosts capacity. (Photo: Hudson Manufacturing)

Hudson Manufacturing has been toiling since the introduction of the H9 in 2017, introducing new accessories and parts for the pistol. Just recently, the company announced the latest newbie to enter the accessory lineup is a 17-round magazine designed for the H9 pistol.

The mag uses a similar design to the H9’s 15-round mag. (Photo: Hudson Manufacturing)

Prior to this release, the H9 was accompanied by a simple 15-round mag. The 17-rounders are built on the same H9 15-round mag design but offer that slight boost in capacity some users have been craving. Hudson says the 17-round mags are durably made and feature an impact-resistant, polymer two-round extension baseplate.

“These 17-round magazines are robust and made for competition use or on the belt as you back up magazine,” Hudson manufacturing said in a statement on its site.

The new 17-round mags are available through Hudson’s website alongside spare 15-round mags. The higher capacity digs are shipping now, qualifying for free shipping no less, with a retail price of $39.99.

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