Mossberg brings wood furniture to Shockwave in new Nightstick model

The heavy-walled 590 Nightstick features wooden furniture and has a 6-shot capacity. (Photo: Mossberg)

Mossberg has announced that the new 590 Nightstick model, which brings wood and leather to the Shockwave line, is now shipping.

The latest addition to their series of NFA-compliant not-a-shotgun firearms, the 12 gauge Nightstick is based on the 590 shotgun action but its grip, 26.37-inch overall length and construction allow it to come standard with a 14-inch cylinder bore barrel while not crossing into short-barreled-shotgun territory.

What sets the new model apart is a hardwood corncob-style grip on the pump and a wooden Shockwave pistol grip. Likewise, replacing the nylon hand strap on the forearm that is common to the series, Mossberg has tapped in a leather strap to give it a more old-school vibe.

The Nightstick joins the rest of Mossberg’s 590 Shockwave series but swaps out synthetic furniture and a nylon strap for wood and leather (Photo: Chris Eger/

With a 6-shot magazine tube and a 3-inch chamber, the Nightstick weighs in at 5.25-pounds. MSRP is $539.

(Photo: Mossberg)

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