CMMG introduces new RipBrace AR pistol brace in two models

CMMG and SB Tactical bring to life a new retractable AR pistol brace in Micro, pictured above, and Standard models. (Photo: CMMG)

CMMG partners with SB tactical to bring a new retractable AR pistol brace to the market known as the RipBrace.

The RipBrace uses CMMG’s Fastback technology which grants users the ability to pull straight back on the device to extend the brace — negating the need for a release lever or button. The RipBrace comes with personal position presets for user adjustable settings that stick in the user’s preferred place each time. CMMG says the brace is ATF compliant and offers a lightweight and ambidextrous build perfect for personal defense.

“This instant deployment is a one-of-a-kind feature that makes the RipBrace an optimal choice for any AR pistol designated for personal defense,” CMMG said in a news release.

The RipBrace’s design allows it to easily extend without a release lever. (Photo: CMMG)

CMMG intends to offer the RipBrace in two flavors — a Micro/CQB model and a Standard version. The Micro/CQB is designed for use with pistol caliber carbines or any AR pistol in which the user requires a small and compact size. With five present positions, the Micro/CQB model retails just under $200.

The Standard variant is the full-sized version of the RipBrace, measuring 1.25-inches longer than the Micro model. Created for larger caliber AR pistols, the Standard ships with six personal preset positions and a price tag just under $200 as well.

Both the Standard and Micro?CQB model RipBraces are available through CMMG.

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