FB Radom is making a special edition of the classic VIS 35 Eagle pistol (PHOTOS)

The Radom VIS is set for a 50-pistol run this year in Poland and could see wider commercial manufacture. (Photos: FB)

Poland’s classic WWII-era combat handgun is returning to production for a limited run to celebrate the country’s independence.

Fabryka Broni Łucznik Radom is best known today for their Beryl carbines and assorted modern sub guns, pistols, and sporting rifles. However, back in the 1930s, the company produced Pistolet wz. 35, commonly known as the VIS after an acronym for the inventors’ last names. Some 50,000 such guns were made for the country’s military prior to World War II — with Polish Eagle markings — and the Germans liked the single-stack 9mm so much they cranked out another 300,000 simplified guns, sans Eagles, for their own use during the war.

Long out of regular production, FB now intends to make a special edition VIS to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the country’s liberation from Austrian/German/Russian occupation gained after World War I.

The VIS is so-named from an acronym from the inventors’ last names, Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński.

The gun is marked “100 LAT NIEPODLEGŁEJ” which translates roughly to “100 years of independence.” The special VIS also carries the banner of the 2 Dywizja Kawalerii (II RP), the famed Polish 2nd Cavalry Division, down the right-hand side of the slide.

Just 50 guns will be made, serial numbered 201801 to 201850.

Price is 16,000 Poland złoty, which translates to about $4,200, and it remains unknown if any will be imported into the states, but for fans of the VIS, this is still interesting news. Last year Polish firearms site Mil Mag said FB was planning to add a commercial variant of the VIS to its regular catalog moving forward, which is even better news.

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