Pre-owned Land Rover vs. working M60A1 tank (VIDEO)

When you pit the only live-firing M60A1 in private hands in the country against a Land Rover on its last legs, the outcome is predetermined but nonetheless still interesting, especially in super slo-mo.

With the help of the Battlefield Vegas gang and “Dangerous” Bob Bigando, Full Mag dropped a 105mm projectile from said main battle tank through the running engine of a used Land Rover LR3. While Full Mag’s Richard Ryan says the Rover cost more to fix than it was worth, the tank round made short– yet spectacular– work of the engine compartment. Stick around for bonus footage of a recoilless rifle getting some backblast damage into what is left of the LR3’s hulk.’s own Ben Philipi caught up with the M60A1 at the recent Big Sandy Shoot and got the in-depth details.

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