Ghost Gunner now has P80 code, for use with Glock 19-style Polymer80 frame (VIDEO)

Defense Distributed has announced they have a new code, complete with jig, for finishing a Polymer80 frame kit on one of their Ghost Gunner desktop milling machines.

The Texas-based 3D printing firm is offering the $200 kit that includes a USB flash drive carrying the cutting codes to finish Polymer80s β€œ80%” PF940C frame on the Ghost Gunner 2 device as well as all the necessary bolts and tooling. The GG2 already has a series of files available for finishing lowers and frames for the AR-15, AR-308, and the M1911.

While DefDist has experienced a recent change in management after the resignation of its founder, Cody Wilson, last year, current CEO Paloma Heindorff says they are busy pushing on without him.

β€œAs many of you know, 2018 was quite a year for us at DD, with the legal rollercoaster over summer, then the unexpected leadership change at the beginning of Q4,” said Heindorff in a statement. β€œI’d like to reassure you now, that not only do I fully intend on pushing forward with DD’s various projects but also harnessing the power of everyone who believes in our work, to do so.”

The company remains active in federal litigation to further the availability of 3D gun files and unfinished receivers.

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