The new, holsterable Flux pistol brace for Glock

Available for most full-sized Gen4-5 Glocks, the new brace from Flux Defense is not a stock (Photos: Chris Eger/

The spring-loaded and collapsible pistol brace from Flux Defense turned heads at SHOT Show in Las Vegas last week.

Designed to add just 1.5-inches to compatible full-sized Glocks (Gen 4-5 Models G17, 17L, 22, 31, 34, 35 with the 19 in development) when collapsed, the Flux brace is considered holsterable and, once deployed, is billed with helping reduce muzzle climb while providing a more stable shooting platform.

Weight is 7.9-ounces and the brace extends with a press of the button. Constructed of chrome-moly steel and polymer, it does not make permanent changes to the pistol.

The rear of the brace has a warning to “KEEP FACE BACK” to allow for the pistol’s slide to cycle. Also, when the spring is activated to pop the brace out of its stowed position, it does it with a fair bit of force.

When collapsed, it reads, “NOT A STOCK.” Company reps did not reply when asked about ATF approval.

Cost is $259, which is about three times more than, say, a non-collapsible ENDO adapter with a KAK shockwave, but the company says the braces are already on back-order currently.

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