Rock River Arms adds LAR-22 to rifle series

Rock River Arms

The Tactical Carbine is one of the new guns in the LAR-22 series. (Photo: Rock River Arms)

Rock River Arms serves up a new .22LR based rifle series, introducing the LAR-22 for shooters looking to plink and practice on the range. The LAR-22 comes in three flavors — the Tactical Carbine, Mid A4 and NM A4 CMP Trainer – all chambered in budget-friendly .22LR.

The Tactical Carbine delivers an MSR style platform with free-float barrel and 11-inch M-LOK handguard. Consumers choose between a forged aluminum upper and lower receiver or RRA’s polymer upper and lower receiver set. The polymer helps drop the cost of the unit for those watching their wallets. The Tactical Carbine features an RRA NSP-2 six-position CAR stock, Hogue rubber grip and two-stage trigger.

Next in the series is the Mid A4 catering to those preferring a traditional A4-style platform. The Mid AR also ships in the shooter’s choice of forged aluminum or polymer, depending on preference and budget. The rifle sports standard A2 grips, mid-length handguard with heat shields, six-position tactical CAR stock and a single stage trigger. The rifle tops off its design with a 16-inch chrome moly barrel.

Rock River Arms

The Mid A4 offers a traditional style. (Photo: Rock River Arms)

Rounding out the LAR-22 series is the NM A4 CMP Trainer — a practice rifle for CMP National Match competition. The platform offers a precision 20-inch stainless steel heavy barrel paired with the company’s NM CMP TRO free-float rifle-length handguard. The NM A4 CMP Trainer features a forged aluminum upper and lower with A2 pistol grip, RRA Operator CAR six-position stock and RRA Two-Stage Match chrome trigger group.

“Intended to provide shooters more training and range time with the AR platform at a significantly lower cost, the new LAR-22 series rifles are chambered in .22LR, giving shooters a higher-volume, lower-price alternative to more expensive 5.56/.223 ammunition for practice and general recreation shooting,” RRA said in a news release.

“In addition to using .22LR ammunition to reduce the cost of practice sessions and provide more recreational shooting, the new LAR-22 rifles are also priced to make these easy additions to shooters’ portfolios or as ‘on-ramp’ models for new or youth shooters,” the company continued.

The LAR-22 starts at $440, topping out around $885.

Rock River Arms

The NM A4 CMP Trainer delivers a training rifle to competitors. (Photo: Rock River Arms)

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