In Russia, calendars with operators and cats are a thing (PHOTOS)

The Rosgvardia, Russia’s National Guard, really likes exotic weapons systems and feline companionship, every month of the year. Their 2020 calendar, posted this week by Army Inside, an English language page that covers the Russian military, includes lots of guys in Ataka-pattern camo hanging with furry little kitties. Hardware includes various modern Kalash models, VSS Vintorez suppressed carbines, a PKM machine gun and an SV-98 sniper rifle.

The 350,000-member organization, formed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2016 for internal security, is separate from the military and reports directly to his office. They are somewhat notorious for PR stunts and their official IG page is pretty booth babish. Like the calendar, it also follows a heavy-on-the-guns-and-camo model.

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