Pietta Firearms Buys EMF With Eye On Continuing U.S. Operations

Pietta Firearms Buys EMF With Eye On Continuing U.S. Operations

The increasingly thin line between California’s EMF and Italy’s Pietta has been erased. (Photos: EMF/Pietta)

Italian gun maker Pietta announced this week they have bought their primary U.S. importer, California-based Early & Modern Firearms.

Founded in 1956, EMF has been one of the biggest players in Cowboy Action Shooting over the years with company president Boyd Davis helping to found the Single Action Shooting Society in the 1980s. This led to an increasingly close relationship with European makers of reproduction guns, to include Gussago, Italy’s Pietta Firearms. Now, the Italian company is in the driver’s seat.

The move comes as EMF’s shareholders were reportedly feeling the pressure of “increasing gun regulations” and had “decided it would be best to close their doors.”

With the new partnership, Pietta feels good about the future of both companies in the U.S. with EMF now becoming the domestic repair, warranty, and logistics center for Pietta Firearms customers nationwide. Alessandro Pietta, vice president of Pietta Firearms, explained that “Having our own importing business and service center will allow us to provide better pricing and a higher level of customer service.”

The Italian company, founded 50 years ago by Giuseppe Pietta, produces nearly 100 black powder muzzleloading variants in both brass or steel frames as well as 40 breechloading cartridge models. These include several versions of the 1873 SAA and others.

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