Ruger: 6 New PC Carbines featuring M-LOK handguards, .40S&W Models

04/15/19 9:00 AM | by

Ruger: 6 New PC Carbines featuring M-LOK handguards, .40S&W Models

Ruger PC Carbine models compared

Ruger is growing their PC Carbine line to include guns with M-LOK-equipped free-float handguards and chamberings in .40S&W. (Photos: Ruger)

Ruger has added new PC Carbine models to their catalog including those with free-float handguards and .40 S&W chamberings.

The new models, described by Ruger as adding “improved utility for home defense and competition,” all feature standard black synthetic stocks, 16.12-inch barrels and an interchangeable magazine well system that allows the rifle to accept either Ruger SR-series or Glock mags. Likewise, each has an easy takedown system that allows the short, 34.37-inch Carbine to break down for even more compact stowage.

Ruger PC Carbine with Magpul M-LOK free float handguard

The biggest difference is in those with the aluminum Magpul M-LOK free float handguard. For multi-state compliance, Ruger also has variants in both the standard and Magpul handguard variants with non-threaded barrels and 10-round magazines.

Models with the ventilated aluminum free-float handguard include numerous Magpul M-LOK accessory attachment slots on all four sides. For California buyers, the guns will ship with 10-round magazines and without threaded barrels.

Ruger 40SW PC carbine

The takedown PC Carbine will also be offered in .40S&W– to include California-compliant models. Past models were only chambered in 9mm

Threaded barrels on the .40S&W models use a 9/16x24TPI thread pattern while the 9mm features 1/2×28.

The PC Carbines use an adjustable ghost ring rear sight and protected blade front while incorporating an adjustable length of pull in the stock. Models with the free-float handguard run 7 pounds while those with those equipped with the more standard handguard are slightly lighter at 6.6-pounds. Each has an aluminum alloy receiver that is Type III hard coat anodized.

Suggested retail, depending on the model, ranges from $649 to $729, with variants featuring the free-float M-LOK handguards skewing towards the higher end of that spectrum. You can expect that price to be significantly lower from dealers.

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