Sig Goes Well-Rounded for New P365 SAS Pistol

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Sig Goes Well-Rounded for New P365 SAS Pistol


Billed as “the perfect CCW solution for the real world,” Sig Sauer has released a new SIG Anti-Snag, or SAS version, of their P365 micro-compact 9mm pistol.

The latest variant of the P365 uses an innovative flush-fit rear-mounted Meprolight FT Bullseye sight with a combination fiber optic and tritium insert embedded into the slide, alleviating the need for a front sight post.

P365 SAS Sig pistol

How about that sight? (Photos: Sig)

P365-SAS-sight picture

With no traditional front sight post, there is one less thing to snag on while the possibility of front sight fouling likewise vanishes. The innovative design of the FT Bullseye sight still allows the user to have fiber optics during the day and tritium in low light. (Photo: Sig)

The SAS treatment, available in several mid-size and compact pistols such as the P238, P938, and P229 translates to flush slide catch and takedown levers as well as rounded sides to reduce snag points. Further, a ported slide and barrel allow for what Sig describes as a 30 percent reduction in muzzle flip.

P229 P238 P938 SAS Sig pistols

The company’s SIG Anti-Snag, or SAS, treatment, isn’t new and has been seen on many of the company’s smaller-framed handguns in past years– however, those previous versions still had front sights.

The P365 SAS is the same size as the standard P365, using a 3.1-inch barrel and 10-round flush fit mags with optional extended factory mags readily available. Overall length is 5.8-inches while height is a gently reduced 4.1-inches. Weight is 17.8-ounces while the pistol is a svelte 1-inch flat in width, the latter a key selling point in its class. MSRP on the new model has not been released.

Sig Goes Well-Rounded for New P365 SAS Pistol

The P365 SAS still has the same overall specs as the standard P365 but has an overall smoothed anti-snag treatment including an innovative sight system reminiscent of the 1970s Guttersnipe system seen in such guns as the ASP. (Photo: Sig)


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