SCCY Announces Sub-$350 Red Dot-Equipped CPX Pistols

sccy cpx pistol
Pitched as ideal for EDC, the new SCCY CPX Red Dot series all come with a 3.5MOA red dot with a built-in backup site. 



Florida-based SCCY Firearms this week debuted an update to their CPX handgun platform that includes a Crimson Trace red dot.

The new SCCY pistol series features a Crimson Trace CTS-1500, a 3.5MOA auto-dimming red dot with over 20,000 hours of battery life and a three-year warranty. These will be mounted to the pistol maker’s 9mm CPX-1/CPX-2, and .380 ACP-caliber CPX-3/CPX-4 series handguns.

“The CPX Series retains backup iron sights but allows the user to focus on the target by utilizing the parallax free Red Dot from Crimson Trace,” said SCCY. “These small concealable pistols offer value and features to the user that has never been seen before.”

SCCY CPX red dot

SCCY CPX Red Dot series all use a CTS-1500 dot which carries its own 3-year warranty and has 20,000-hr battery life.

The MSRP on these red dot-equipped pistols? SCCY tells us it will range from $339 for the CPX-2 and CPX-3 to $349 for the CPX-1 and CPX-4, prices you can expect to be a touch lower through retailers.

The CPX series pistols all use a receiver made of 7075‐T6 aircraft grade heat treated billet aluminum alloy, coupled with a stainless steel slide. The grip frame is made from Zytel polymer with finger grooves and an integrated recoil cushion on the backstrap.

SCCY CPX red dot

The CPX Red Dot Series is shipping now and should be available in the coming days, with all models priced below $350– WITH the CTS-1500 included.

The trigger is DAO with a full-time 9-pound pull while the pistol uses an internal hammer firing system with an inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped. Magazine capacity is 10+1 on both .380 and 9mm models.

Founded in 2003 by Joe Roebuck, American-owned SCCY has spent the past two decades carving away market share in the consumer handgun market with CPX series guns in 9mm and .380. According to ATF statistics for the most current year available, SCCY produced 150,647 pistols in 2017, making the company one of the top six domestic makers of handguns in the country by volume– not counting firearms that were imported from overseas. This is compared to Smith & Wesson (1,032,450), Ruger (774,211), Sig Sauer (536,636), Kimber (183,858) and Glock (175,696).


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