Glock 44: Meet the New Trail-ready Glock 22LR Handgun

Glock 44

The new Glock 44 is the company’s first 22LR pistol (Photo: Chris Eger/

On Tuesday morning Glock broke the gunwebs by announcing the new Glock 44 pistol, a .22 LR styled after the renowned Glock 19.

Featuring an innovative hybrid steel-polymer slide and the ability to adapt to any user’s hands via backstraps supplied with the pistol, the G44 is the company’s first rimfire handgun. Using a 4.02-inch barrel, the overall length is 7.28-inches– almost the exact size as the G19, making it a decent training gun.

Glock 44 g19 compared

The Glock G44, left, is a dead ringer for the G19, right, but in 22LR (Photo: Chris Eger/

Weight, loaded, is right at a pound which makes it ideal for a trail or camping companion.

“The way the G44 mirrors the iconic G19 is great and all levels of shooters will benefit from owning and practicing with the G44,” said Retired Marine Gunner Christian Wade. “I subjected the G44 to a variety of adverse conditions and it holds its own with every other Glock ever produced.”

Glock G44

The G44 uses a hybrid steel-polymer slide (Photo: Chris Eger/

Best yet, the gun is billed as extremely reliable, as one would expect from Glock– something that is hard to pull off with the wide variations between .22 LR ammo. The G44 was tested with a wide range of ammo types and Glock said it went through thousands of rounds during testing.

“While many .22 LR firearms exhibit tendencies to function differently with particular ammunition types, the G44 pistol functioned to near perfection,” said Bryan Peterson, Manager of Product Concept Development at Federal Ammunition.

Buy the new Glock 44

Featuring adjustable rear sights and ghost hole loaded chamber indicator, the G44 will ship with a pair of load-assist 10-round magazines. With an MSRP of $430, the Glock G44 is set to launch on Jan. 20, 2020 and will be available in a threaded barrel option as well.

European-based Novritsch had the opportunity to test out the G44 before launch.

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