New Bergara B-14R .22LR Precision Training Rifle

New Bergara B-14R rifle 22 Caliber Training Rifle

The new Bergara B-14R is pitched to those who want a full-sized 22LR trainer for use in NRL22 and PRS .22 competition matches or to complement their long-range precision rifle. (Photos: Bergara)

Bergara recently announced its new B-14R, a .22LR built on a full-scale Remington 700 footprint, is now shipping.

A complement to the company’s successful B-14 line of bolt-action rifles, the B-14R (Rimfire) has all the features consumers who want a precision “trainer” are looking for including a 90 lift and longer bolt-throw, replicating the same feel of a REM700 platform along with the ability to use that huge array of compatible parts.

“Because the B-14R is based on a full-size receiver design, it also provides a perfect platform to allow any shooter the ability to customize their rifle with all kinds of compatible accessories already in the market,” said Bergara in a statement.

B14R barrel

Using a 1-in-16-twist 18-inch 4140 barrel with a threaded muzzle, the B-14R comes standard with Bergara’s fully-adjustable HMR stock with a full-length mini-chassis.

Bergara B14R

The B-14R uses a 10-round single-stack .22LR magazine built to similar dimensions as a standard short action AICS mag.

B14R mount

Weight of the B-14R is 9.5-pounds and the rifle comes ready for a Remington 700 compatible scope mount

MSRP of the Bergara B-14R is $1150.


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