Savage Debuts New 6lb 110 Ultralite Rifle w PROOF Research Barrel

One of Savage’s new rifles for 2020 is the 6-pound and under Model 110 Ultralite which includes a PROOF Research barrel.

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The carbon fiber-wrapped stainless steel barrel is mated to a melonite skeletonized receiver inside Savage’s adjustable AccuFit stock. Using the company’s long-successful 110 actions, the Ultralite will be available in both classic hunting calibers such as .308 Winchester, .270 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield in addition to popular newer cartridges like 6.5 Creedmoor, .280 Ackley, 6.5 PRC, .300 Winchester Short Magnum, and 28 Nosler.

When it comes to specs, weight is between 5.8 and 6-pounds, depending on caliber, with the overall length running from 42.5- to 44.5-inches depending on barrel length. All rifles ship with a 22-inch barrel with the exception of those chambered in .300 WSM, 6.5 PRC and 28 Nosler, which run 24-inch PROOFs.

Savage 110 Ultralight Rifle w PROOF Research Barrel (5)

The 6-pound and under 110 Ultralite is available in eight popular centerfire calibers. (All Photos: Savage)

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The Ultralite features a grey AccuFit stock with adjustable comb height, length-of-pull, and over-molded surfaces.

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The PROOF Research carbon fiber wrapped barrel has a threaded muzzle for 5/8-24 devices and suppressors, protected by a flush fit cap. Barrel length varies from 22- to 24-inches depending on caliber.

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Note the spiral fluted bolt, user-adjustable AccuTrigger that can be tuned from 1.5- to 4-pounds, and a detachable magazine. Capacity is four rounds on .308, 6.5CM, .280 Ackley, .270 Win, and .30-06 while .300 WSM, 6.5 PRC, and 28 Nosler have a two-round capacity.

MSRP on the Savage 110 Ultralite will be $1,499, regardless of caliber.


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