Sig Sauer Debuts New ECHO3 Thermal Reflex Sight

A lightbox display of the new Sig Sauer ECHO3 compact thermal reflex sight

A direct view thermal sight able to capture images and record video in eight different color palettes, Sig Sauer’s new ECHO3 is headed to market.

New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer last week debuted their latest compact thermal reflex sight using their Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX) technology, the ECHO3.

Building on their original ECHO line, which was introduced three years ago, the newest sight in the series is available with either a 1-6x or 2-12x magnification, the ECHO3 can be used with 9 different onboard SmartBDC ballistic holdover reticles or it can be paired with any KILOBDX rangefinder.

What’s a BDX rangefinder? Check out this short video to get how that bad boy works.

For those looking to capture great pics or videos of their hunt or target session, the ECHO3 includes a motion-activated MOTAC display that powers up automatically when it senses motion. With 6 hours of runtime using a pair CR123 lithium batteries, the sight has eight color palettes– Red, Red Hot, Black Hot, White Hot, Edge, Tyrian, Iron, and Fire–along with six brightness settings.

Using an included quick disconnect mount with a throw-lever attachment, the company describes the new ECHO model as a huge improvement over traditional eyepiece style thermals, as it is direct-view

“The ECHO3 allows the shooter to sit back and view the thermal display and when targets are identified, the new BDX reticle technology allows for exact aiming solutions in real-time,” said Andy York, President, Sig Sauer Electro-Optics in a statement.

The 1-6x ECHO3 has a 23mm objective lens, a 4.1-inch overall length, and an overall height of 3.1-inches. Weight is 14.5-ounces. MSRP is set at $3,899.99.

For those who want to go larger, the 2-12x magnification ECHO3 has a 40mm objective lens, a 4.7-inch overall length, and an overall height of 3.6-inches. Weight is 16.6-ounces. MSRP is set at $5,199.99.

Both new ECHO3 models will be available sometime this Spring.


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