Marlin Debuts 150th Anniversary Commemorative Rifles, Ammo

A collage of 150th anniversary Marlin products

Marlin was founded in 1870 and has been a subsidiary of Remington since 2007. (Photos: Marlin)

John Mahlon Marlin founded an iconic American firearms company in 1870 and this year Marlin Firearms is commemorating the event.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Marlin brand, the modern descendant this year will offer special editions of their classic Model 60 .22LR semi-auto rifles and the 444 Marlin lever-action rifle, along with a matching ammunition line.

The 150th Anniversary Commemorative Marlin Model 60 features a 19-inch stainless steel barrel, American black walnut stock with a medallion inlay, adjustable sights, and a 14-round tubular magazine.

A Marlin 150th Anniversary model 60

MSRP on the Model 60 150th Anniversary 22LR will be $399.

The 150th Anniversary Commemorative Marlin 444 uses a 24-inch half-octagon/half-round barrel mated to a receiver engraved with gold inlay. When it comes to furniture, it features a hand-fitted C-grade American black walnut stock and fore-end with what Marlin bills as a “Historical checkering pattern.” The .444 Marlin-chambered lever-action includes Skinner ladder sights.

Marlin 150th Anniversary 444

MSRP on the Marlin 444 150th Anniversary rifle will be $1899.

First Marlin-branded Ammo

For those looking for ammunition, be it to match a 150th Anniversary rifle or for their current Marlin, the company will also be offering a line of branded ammo with loads including a 36-grain .22LR hollow-point, a 150-grain .30-30 Win soft-point, a 200-grain .35 Remington soft point, a 265-grain .444 Marlin soft-point, and a 405-grain .45-70 soft-point.

Marlin 150th 225 box 22

The .22LR offering will be in a box of 225 cartridges

Marlin 150th Anniversary 20 box 444

While all of the centerfire rifle loads will be in standard 20-round boxes

Prices on the 150th Anniversary ammo ranges from $13.87 to $49.99 depending on load.

The first time Marlin-branded ammunition has existed, the run will last for a year and have a Marlin 150th headstamp and packaging.


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