7 Great Turkey Hunting Shotguns for the 2020 Season

The 2020 spring turkey hunting season is upon us and for new hunters itching to get outdoors, these are seven great turkey hunting shotguns. There are still plenty of places where gobblers are strutting and hunters are dreaming.

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Remington 870

Remington 870 Express

The Remington 870 makes for an excellent Bird Hunting Gun.

If you want to go old school with an affordable, reliable pump-action, the choices are simple—Mossberg 500 or Remington 870. It just so happens that the GDC Vault has a healthy stock of Remington 870s just in time for turkey hunting season.

Available in 12-, 20- and 28-gauge as well as .410, the 870 is an ideal model for taking down boss Toms. With various options in terms of chokes and barrel lengths, this shotgun works as well on beard-draggers as it does on clays or upland birds.


Beretta A300 Outlander

Beretta A300 shotgun

The Beretta A300 is versatile for many different types of bird hunting.

If Italian-made shotguns trip your turkey-trigger, check out the Beretta A300 Outlander. The one with full Max5 camo coverage is purpose-built for waterfowling but will also do serious double duty during turkey hunting season.

This semi-automatic 12-gauge has a 3-inch chamber and will work wonders with any of the modern turkey loads. It accepts Beretta Mobil Chokes and the 28-inch vent rib barrel means one gun for turkeys, geese, ducks, and even sporting clays.


Browning A5 Mossy Oak

Browning A5 Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak adds to a classic design in the A5.

If you’re a fan of the classic old Browning humpback semi-automatic Auto-5 shotgun design, then you’ll appreciate this newer iteration. Covered in full Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camouflage with grippy Dura-Touch finish, this 12-gauge uses Browning’s Kinematic Drive system to cycle all weights of loads with less felt recoil.

The 26-inch barrel is wieldy in the thicker turkey woods, yet still long enough to work well for other flying targets. A full set of interchangeable Invector Plus choke tubes means hunters have the right pattern constriction for most any game. Those who prefer to go old-school should look at the “original” Belgian Browning Auto-5 scatterguns in 12-, 16- or 20-gauge.


Escort Magnum Camo

Escort Magnum

The Escort Magnum is an affordable shotgun for beginners.

The Turkish-made semi-automatic Escort Magnum Camo will also help fill bird tags with a full camo coverage. Offering a 3-inch chambered 12-gauge design along with a 27-inch vent rib barrel, the single full choke is a proven choice for gobblers.

While the Escort name is not as recognizable as others in the scattergun market, its budget price keeps it appealing for both entry-level turkey hunters. It also functions well for those looking to try out a semi-automatic action closer to the price of a pump. If the 12-gauge Escort Magnum Camo isn’t the perfect fit, check out the Escort PS series of shotguns, all available from the Guns.com Vault and chambered in both 12 and 20-gauge.


Franchi Affinity

Franchi Affinity

This synthetic Franchi is a durable option for bird hunting.

As a holding of the Beretta family of brands, Franchi is putting out some quality hunting shotguns. These black synthetic stocked Affinity autoloaders are available in both magnum 3 1/5-inch chamberings as well as standard 3-inch 12-gauge models. Each Affinity includes a set of three interchangeable chokes.

Of particular interest, the Affinity is one of the more affordable Inertia Driven semi-auto options on the market. Used versions in clean condition are a solid buy.


Winchester Model 12

Winchester Model 12

The looks of a Winchester Model 12 pump-action shotgun is mistakable and undeniably attractive.

For hunters who want an appealing old-school option with a storied history should take a look at the Winchester Model 12 pump. Over 2 million were produced over the gun’s long production run.

One of our favorites is the 16-gauge model that holds 5+1 rounds. Those who doubt the 16-gauge’s effectiveness on turkeys have never used Federal Custom Shop TSS — though most standard factory loads are also surprisingly efficient and with less recoil than a 12-gauge. The 28-inch barrel on the Model 12, with its gold front bead, shows class and capability.


Winchester SXP

Winchester SXP Turkey

The Winchester SXP is one of the most versatile shotguns available.

Winchester’s SXP series of shotguns are some of the best modern pump-action on the market. With its 3-inch chamber and shorter 24-inch barrel, the SXP makes a ready companion in the turkey woods. The factory Pachmayr Decelerator pad helps absorb recoil from the 12-gauge.

Satin-finished walnut stocks offer a more aesthetically pleasing option for more traditional hunters who eschew the modern synthetics. Screw-in the full choke from the pack of three included Invector-style tubes and put some serious shot on the turkey patterning board before hitting the woods this Spring.


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