Heckler & Koch released the civilian approved, semi-auto SP5 in late 2019 and the German-based company is back at it with a new release, giving fans more to drool over with the SP5K-PDW. 

Based on the company's much-loved MP5 and MP5K platform -- the SP5K-PDW brings a slim and trim design with a 5.83-inch barrel and 13.8-inch overall length. Weighing in at 4.2-pounds, the 9mm platform sports all the best features of the MP5 and SP5, including a roller-delayed blowback system, three-lug barrel for suppressor attachment, and paddle magazine release. Even better, H&K says the PDW also offers compatibility with MP5 stocks and supports 10-, 15-, and 30-round mags.

The SP5K-PDW brings a smaller variant to H&K lovers looking for a good CQB buddy. (Photo: H&K)

"The SP5K-PDW is semi-automatic civilian sporting version of the ultimate close quarters weapon – The HK MP5K," H&K explains on its site. "The 'K' designation is from the German word for short – kurtz; thus the K model’s shorter barrel and receiver."

Manufactured in Oberndorf, Germany, the SP5K-PDW is precision-machined at the Heckler & Koch factory meaning it's touched by the same hands as those churning out the MP5. Lacking loads of cash and connections, the SP5 variants are about as close to the real deal as you can get. 

The SP5K-PDW will hit dealer shelves soon. (Photo: H&K)

"This high level of quality and workmanship is a result of making civilian SP5 variants in the same factory, on the same lines, and by the same workforce that has been making MP5s for years," the company said. 

MP5 Uber Fanboi James Reeves over at TFB, recently got his hands on one and poured his soul into a 20-minute review of it. It's worth watching if you are interested in the SP5K-PDW.

The SP5K-PDW is said to be shipping soon to dealers with an MSRP of $2,799. Worth noting, spare mags will run around $80.

While we anxiously await the SP5K-PDW's arrival, check out Guns.com's first look at the SP5 at SHOT Show 2020.