A leaked photo and other signs could point to Florida-based firearms maker Kel-Tec having a 5.7x28mm pistol that takes 50-round mags up their sleeves for 2021.

The photo is of undetermined origin and broke late last week. It shows the P50 on the cover of what appears to be a Kel-Tec publication that bills the gun as the "World's newest 5.7x28mm" and "most unique Kel-Tec yet."

The Kel-Tec P50? (Source: Let us know!) 

The image soon circulated across KTOG – a Kel-Tec fan group – and rapidly popped up on various gun pages from /k/ to Reddit and ARFCOM. The general consensus was that it was strange, even bizarre, but everyone wanted to play with it. 

However, don't be so quick to slam the leak as a Photoshop fake. A quick search of the U.S. Patents and Trademarks Office database shows that Kel-Tec did in fact file to register "P50" as a trademark in the "firearms" category of goods and services in February 2020. It shows the company has in fact been spending at least some cash to protect the name. 

Kel-Tec has secured a trademark on the P50 name, adding foundation to the leaked photo. 

As a bonus for those ready to buy something outside of the standard firearm mold, the P50 has big Cyberpunk energy. It even has a similar look to the vizmodded STI Perfect 10/WESTAR 35 blasters seen in the current season of The Mandalorian. That alone would surely help Kel-Tec sell out their first run to Mando nerds. 

The P50 would add to a resurgence of 5.7-caliber platforms with Ruger announcing the 57 pistol and Diamondback releasing the DBX large-format handgun. Coupled with the new parity in street prices between 5.7x28 and 9mm Luger ammo, and it looks like FN's once very niche caliber is gaining new popularity. 


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