The country's largest domestic manufacturer of small arms ammunition breaks down the reasons behind the current ammo famine on American shelves and assures that help is on the way. 

"We are indeed making ammunition, we are indeed shipping ammunition," assures Federal, CCI, Speer and Remington Ammunition President Jason Vanderbrink in the above 5-minute video released last week, rejecting wild rumors to the contrary they were filling secret warehouses or eschewing consumer sales for those to government. 

Vanderbrink details that the increase in demand comes not only from the country's surge in ammunition demand from traditional customers but also from a new avenue: a flood of 7 million estimated first-time gun owners stocking up during an unprecedented period in history. 

Chalking it up to "basic economics," Vanderbrink points out that if each of those new first-time gun owners picked up just two boxes of cartridges, that's 700 million rounds carved out of the supply chain in one swoop.  

"And on top of that all, we are dealing with a pandemic," said Vanderbrink, before donning a mask and heading to the factory floor to show that the machines are humming and the brass is being boxed as fast as possible. 

"We are making this ammunition every minute of every day," said Vanderbrink, stressing the company is making more ammo than it has ever done before and actively hiring and training new employees to expand capacity.

Magpul weighs in...


Also, in a more lighthearted look speculating where all the ammo has gone, magazine manufacturer, Magpul released a short video on the subject a few weeks back. 



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