Texas/Wyoming-based Magpul has more than a half dozen new reasons to love them in the upcoming year ranging from new magazine and furniture offerings to fabled FDP-9 folding gun. 

D-50 for Glock & MP5


With the D-50 mag long being a hit for AR platforms, Magpul has doubled down on new 9mm 50-round drums. These include one for HK94/MP5 clones and another for Glock-pattern double-stacks. Both include a ratcheting lever for ease of loading, a high-viz follower, and a witness window. MSRP is $119. 




Speaking of HK94/MP5-pattern pistols, Magpul has a durable, lightweight, collapsible arm brace lined up for these guns, the MP BSL. The concept is timely as these pistols have seemingly never been more popular or in production by more manufacturers. If ATF keeps its hands off braces as a whole, you can expect to see lots of these on roller locked builds in the future. Bad part is that it is HK-priced, at $159.




Magpul has moved past its original back up sight offerings into the third generation with the MBUS 3, which has been reduced in size but still sits at standard AR-height when deployed. Further, they have tool-less elevation adjustments and a dual width enhanced front sight. MSRP is $59 for the rear and $39 for the front sight. 


MOE K2-XL Grip


For those with bit mitts or just want more real estate to lay hands upon, Magpul has increased the size of its MOE K2 grip by some 25 percent to make a gorilla-sized grip, the K2-XL. For those who like to keep things lubed up, it accepts an oil bottle grip core. MSRP is $23.


PMAG 20 AR 300 B GEN M3


A dedicated 20-round mag for .300 Blackout fans, Magpul's new AR 300 B is more compact for use with large format pistols. In a move to help cut down on cross-loading issues, these mags have a distinct ribbed design and texture when compared to any other PMAGs to give the user visual and tactile cues that it is a Blackout mag, even when goonin around in the dark. MSRP is an affordable $15.


PRS Lite


Shedding some bulk from its popular PRS GEN3 precision stock for carbine/SR25/A5 extension tubes on .223 and .308 receiver-pattern rifles, the new lightweight PRS Lite tips the scales at just 18 ounces while still including adjustments for length of pull, height, and cant. The PRS Lite also has multiple attachment options for slings and QD sling swivel cups. MSRP is $119.



Saving the best for last, Magpul and ZEV Technologies teamed up to bring a vaporware concept gun to life. Back in 2008, Magpul exhibited a folding carbine similar to the famous ARES FMG of the 1980s. Now, plans are to release the gun in a Folding Defensive Pistol-9 and a Folding Defensive Carbine-9 format, sometime in 2022. Before you ask, they say preliminary ATF approvals are in place. 

The FDP9/FDC-9 use a ZEV OZ9 operating system and a Magpul chassis. (Photo: Magpul).