Shadow systems kicked off 2021 with an appetite to grow both their guns and their market space with the launch of their full-size 9mm DR920 in January. As the enlarged offspring of the more compact MR920, their new pistol is aimed directly at the law enforcement and military markets.  

The new, full-size DR920 is specifically designed to target military and law enforcement markets. (Photo: Shadow Systems)

Shadow Systems is a relative newcomer to the gun manufacturing family. The Texas-based company started its life in the aftermarket parts business. Their first entry into the gun world, the MR918, was designed in part to unseat a concealed carry king, the Glock 19.

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Some gun companies start big and then begin to whittle their guns down to smaller sizes. Not Shadow Systems. The DR920 incorporates the features of the earlier MR920 into a larger platform. It seems safe to say Shadow Systems is taking aim at the venerated Glock 17. But they’re not trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to aftermarket accessories. Sure enough, the gun is even designed to work with most existing Glock 17 holsters, magazines, and gear. That’s a plus for a company aiming to get into the hands of professional gunslingers already packing the G17.

Want Faster, Flatter Pew Pew?

The wide range of custom features on the DR920 are designed to help you fire the gun flatter and faster. (Photo: Shadow Systems)

Shadow Systems’ flair for customization shows all over this gun. The pistol includes interchangeable backstraps meant to change the grip angle to a shooter’s natural point of aim. The frame provides a “recoil control ledge” for the support-hand thumb, and the slide has directional serrations at the front and rear. To assist with slide manipulation, they’ve also thinned the profile of the slide at specific grip points. Barrels are available both threaded and unthreaded depending on your preference. Overall, the gun comes in at 23 ounces.

A shelf on the frame of the DR920 is designed to help control recoil. (Photo: Shadow Systems)

Topping it off, Shadow Systems included an optics cut on the slide that’s designed for most brands of red dots. Finally, the pistol also boasts a flat-faced aluminum trigger. According to the product description, the trigger pull is between 4.5 and 5 pounds, with a crisp and tactile reset. The end result, so a tagline on the company’s page claims, is “the industry’s flattest shooting pistol now hits even faster.”

American Made for Professionals

Shadow Systems has established a special website to help LEO and the military get test guns. (Photo: Shadow Systems)

The DR920 is an All-American gun. It might share accessories and holsters with the Glock 17, but Shadow Systems claims the gun is 100-percent pure American – conceived, born, and bred in the great USA.

“The DR920 is designed and wholly manufactured in the United States, with American labor and materials,” states the company’s press release. “The Shadow Systems team comprises former law enforcement officers, members of the military, and competitive shooters. The team’s diverse background contributes to Shadow Systems’ unique design philosophy of building pistols with features based on real-world shooting experience.”

In their quest to get their new gun into the hands of professionals, Shadow Systems even launched a new website to make it easier for law enforcement and the military to request a gun for testing. Those of us in the general public will have to take other avenues. The gun is not currently listed for online purchase at the time of this writing, but you can find Shadow Systems’ retailers on the company’s website.  

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