Winchester ammunition announced this week that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has awarded the company an exclusive five-year contract to provide the agency with .308 Winchester loads. 

The $5 million contract is the first of its kind in the caliber and will support the FBI’s sniper program. The Winchester load carries a 169-grain Sierra boat-tail hollow-point bullet and was selected after passing the Bureau’s rigorous testing protocol and examination process. In the end, it was considered the overall best value. 

Company officials credited the staff at its East Alton headquarters and Winchester's plant in Oxford, Mississippi, for the nod from the country's principal federal law enforcement, counterintelligence, and counter-terrorism agency.

“To the East Alton and Oxford teams responsible for this great win, thank you for your diligent work on this competitive and highly technical project,” said Brett Flaugher, president of Winchester. “This victory speaks to the talents and expertise of our team, and I am very proud to see Winchester being selected once again by a premier national security organization such as the FBI.”

According to company documents, they are the "Number one producer of small arms ammunition globally."

Besides providing millions of rounds to the consumer and LE market, Winchester has been running the U.S. Army's historic Lake City ammo plant since 2019 and has been supplying the military with 9mm, 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and .50 caliber ammunition under contract for years. 

Banner image: FBI SWAT sniper, 05/01/2020, via FBI. gov Media Assets.


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