Connecticut-based Mossberg announced this week it is expanding its line of 940 Pro autoloading shotguns with the release of Field, Snow Goose, and Waterfowl models. 

The series originally kicked off last year with the input of competitive shooters Jerry and Lena Miculek to produce the 940 JM Pro 12 gauge. Now, the new 940 Pro Waterfowl and the 940 Pro Snow Goose, featuring Cerakote metal surfaces, chrome-lined barrels, HIVIZ TriComp sights, and camo-finished stocks and forends join the line. Making it a quartet, the affordable new 940 Pro Field with black synthetic furniture and a matte blue barrel is also a recent addition to Mossberg's catalog. 

"At the core of the 940 is a new gas-operating system that will run at greater cleaning intervals, up to 1,500 rounds, and will reliably cycle any type of quality factory-made 2.75 or 3-inch ammunition," notes Mossberg of the series.

All the new 12 gauges use a 28-inch vent-ribbed barrel and have a user-configurable stock with an adjustable length of pull from 13 to 14.25 inches as well as adjustable drop and cast. Other standard features across the 940 lines include an oversized charging handle and bolt release button along with an oversized, beveled loading port with a redesigned elevator and shell catch.

Mossberg 940 Pro Field shotgun
The 940 Pro Field is perfect for doves, quail, pheasants, ducks, or small game. It includes an AccuChoke system and includes full, modified, and improved cylinder choke tubes and has a front fiber-optic sight. MSRP is $868. (Photo: Mossberg)


Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl
The 940 Pro Waterfowl is ready, regardless of the conditions, and comes standard with a HIVIZ TriComp fiber-optic front sight and AccuChoke-compatible X-Factor ported choke tube. The receiver and barrel are Patriot Brown Cerakote while the stock and forend are TrueTimber Prairie camouflaged. MSRP: $1,050. (Photo: Mossberg)


940 Snow Goose
The 940 Snow Goose is immediately identifiable due to its extended 12 shot (using 2.75-inch shells) magazine. Topped with a HIVIZ TriComp fiber-optic front sight, it comes equipped with an extended AccuChoke-compatible X-Factor ported choke tube. Metal surfaces are Battleship Gray Cerakote while the stock and forend feature TrueTimber Viper Snow camouflage. MSRP: $1,120. (Photo: Mossberg)

Be sure to check out Jerry running both the Pro Waterfowl and Snow Goose below: 



revolver barrel loading graphic