Arkansas-based Remington Ammunition has announced the next generation of "Big Green’s" legendary deer hunting ammo with Core-Lokt Tipped.

"Big Green," owned since last year by the Vista Outdoor Group, which includes ammo giants CCI, Federal Premium, and Speer, has been successfully restarted and the new ammo line promises to make "The Deadliest Mushroom in the Woods" even better. The redesigned new Core-Lokt Tipped line brings improved accuracy and terminal performance to sportsmen in 13 popular calibers ranging from .243 Win. to .300 WSM.
"We’ve been talking about Big Green’s comeback all year, and nothing says Remington like Core-Lokt,” said Remington Ammunition’s director of marketing Joel Hodgdon. “We have made many advancements since restarting the Remington brand and working 24/7 to get ammunition on the shelves. But this is the biggest news yet.”  

Core-Lokt Tipped, as its name would imply, uses a polymer tip to improve ballistic coefficient, in-flight accuracy, and initiate rapid expansion. The company says that, when paired with the bullet's adjusted rearward center of gravity, Core-Lokt Tipped "delivers match-grade accuracy for even the most demanding shots." 

In tests of thousands of rounds, Remington has seen some great results out past 500 yards, with a .270 Remington expanding to a whopping .6720 inches at that range while still penetrating 19.25 inches through ballistics gel. 

Gun Talk Media has a closer look, below. 



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