New York-based RemArms, continuing the legacy of the old Remington Firearms company that dated to 1816, says they are back in the business of making and delivering new guns. 

In a 90-second update posted to social media on Monday, RemArms CEO Ken D'Arcy, stressed to "current and future" customers that the new company with the familiar product line is "designing, building, and shipping Remington firearms to our dealers and customers across the country." 

A comparison between the new RemArms website versus the circa June 2020 Remington Outdoors site – which is now owned by Vista Outdoors to feature its ammo line – shows a lot of differences. 

Gone are all semi-auto and pump-action rifles. Goodbye, Remington ACR and the .50-caliber R2MI. Current centerfire rifle offerings from the company are four variants of the Model 783, 17 of the Model 700, and five of the Model Seven – all bolt-action hunting and precision shooting rifles. The Model 700 LSS muzzleloader is also in the lineup.

Shotgun and shotgun-shell using firearms such as the venerable Model 870 pump, Versa Max, V3, and Model 1100 semi-autos; as well as the TAC-14 series shorty, are also listed.

When it comes to handguns, only the R1 series of M1911s remain, with the almost universally unpopular Remington RP, RM380, and R51 all cut from the site. 

RemArms in its current form sprang from Remington Outdoors' federal bankruptcy filing and resulting auction last September. When the smoke cleared, the old company's historic New York factory along with a Tennessee-based pistol barrel plant was acquired by D'Arcy Roundhill Group for $13 million. About half of the 585 unionized workers in the Empire State, laid off in the meantime, returned to the factory under the new company in May. 

"Remington has established a legacy for quality, innovation, and customer service,” said D'Arcy. "My personal commitment to our loyal customers, as well as new shooters considering their next firearms purchase, is to make sure you are buying the very best firearm available at a fair price."

As for the rest of the defunct Remington Outdoors, Vista Outdoors is moving forward with the traditional Remington branding for a wide range of outdoor products as well as the former company's primary ammo lines. Meanwhile, other elements of the former Remington Outdoors are nearing a return to the market as well. The Bushmaster black rifle brand, acquired by Nevada-based Franklin Armory, has been teasing a forthcoming rebirth, as has the Marlin Firearms line of lever-action rifles, which was purchased by gun giant Ruger at auction.