With the gun community suddenly rekindling its love of the classic Browning Hi-Power, a fresh crop of Turkish-made clones are headed to gun store shelves.
Based in the Cocoa, Florida area, EAA Corp is the American importer for Tanfoglio, Weihrauch, and Girsan firearms from Europe. The company announced its Girsan-made MC P35 9mm pistol in September and now says the series is set to beging shipping on Nov.15 in three different finishes. 


EAA MC P35 Hi power clones
The Girsan MC P35 is shipping in a Two-Tone, Blue Black and Dark Earth finish, all with composite grips and a 15+1 round capacity. (Photo: EAA)


Seemingly a dead ringer for an Mk. II/III Hi-Power, the MC P35 has a frame and slide crafted from 4140 steel, as well as a 4.87-inch barrel. Other features include a ring (rather than spur) hammer, a slim trigger, and an ambidextrous frame-mounted safety. The single-action 9mm has a flush-fitting 15-shot magazine. It also has the traditional FN-style magazine safety. 

"This is what the market has wanted and demanded for some time now," said Chase Duffey, director of sales at EAA Corp. "Developing this pistol with Girsan has been an absolute pleasure and I cannot thank them enough for designing such a masterpiece, in such a short period of time and at a very affordable price point."


EAA MC P35 Hi power clones
EAA says the Girsan MC P35 series has completed a 10,000-round endurance test as well as passed quality, random sampling, and mix-and-match tests. 


MSRP on the EAA Girsan MC P35 is $528, which is about a third the price of a vintage Browning Hi-Power or about $170 less than the published MSRP of the newly introduced American-made SA-35 announced by Springfield Armory. 

The SA-35 is more akin to the earlier T-series Hi-Powers of the 1960s-70s rather than the MkII/III of the 1980s-90s and has several tweaks from the original design including removing the magazine safety, changing the hammer profile, revamping the ergonomics, and ensuring it can reliably run hollow-points. 

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