Word is that Colt is releasing a new, 3-inch barreled, version of the venerable Python revolver chambered in .357 Magnum. 

The new gun, while not on Colt's website, has already made extensive rounds over the weekend on Colt collector and revolver forums

Why the big deal? 

While Colt produced the original Python in several barrel lengths between 1955 and 1994, including 2.5-inch snubs and commanding 8-inch Python Hunter, Python Silhouette, and Python Stalker models, the big I-frame snake gun rarely came with a factory 3-inch barrel. This was reserved for a short run of "California Combat" guns and a batch of 500 "Combat Pythons" made in 1988 for Lew Horton complete with a special "K" prefix serial number. 

The rebooted Pythons, introduced in 2020, including both a 4.25- and 6-inch model, with nothing shorter. With all that being said, the new 3-incher could prove both a hit with collectors as well as providing a more "carry friendly" Python for a new generation of wheel gun aficionados. 

Features mentioned on the new 3-inch Colt's Manufacturing Python, a double-action, steel-frame revolver in .357 Magnum with a 3-inch barrel, include stainless-steel construction with a bright silver finish, walnut target grips, and adjustable rear sights.

You can expect MSRP to be about $1,499. 

With SHOT Show right around the corner, and Colt is typically known for releasing new guns in Vegas, odds are there may be a crowd at the company's booth come Jan. 18, and Guns.com will be there. 

revolver barrel loading graphic