Laugo Arms and Lancer Systems revealed last week that their new Alien pistol is already boasting some optics and suppressor upgrades heading to American shores at SHOT Show 2022 in Las Vegas. The Czech gunmaker’s futuristic-looking, flat-shooting handgun boasts what is billed as the “lowest bore access in the world” thanks in part to its fixed barrel, which is 1.7mm under the line of the grip axis. 

The Laugo Alien only recently scored its U.S. import permit back in late 2020, with guns just starting to ship to the states last January. But that didn’t stop the Alien from tapping into the hot American suppressor and handgun-optics markets. 

Laugo Arms Alien Suppressed Pistol
New for 2022, expect to watch suppressor-ready Aliens vanish as fast as they arrive. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

“The acceptance of this pistol has been absolutely phenomenal by the market,” Richard Gilligan, sales manager for Lancer Systems, the U.S. importer of the Laugo Alien pistol, told “This year, we’re very excited to announce that we’re finally getting in threaded-barrel variants of the Alien. We had a chance to shoot this on Monday, and the performance is absolutely phenomenal.”


Laugo Alien in case
I mean, we wouldn't throw it out of the gun safe if we found it there after a wild weekend in Vegas... (Photo: Chris Eger/


Laugo Arms Alien Suppressed Pistol
Another advantage of a low bore access is that the sights have no issue getting over the suppressor. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
Laugo Arms Alien Suppressed Pistol
The gun keeps it's sleek lines with shrouded threading. (Photo: Paul Peterson/
B&T suppressor for Alien pistol
The can itself is actually made by B&T USA. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

The suppressors are made for Laugo by B&T USA, which just recently established its own stateside suppressor manufacturing infrastructure. The cans use a direct thread system that is uniquely captured underneath the barrel shroud, keeping those sleek, clean Alien lines intact. ETA on the suppressor-ready guns is still TBD – hopefully a matter of weeks – so keep your eyeballs peeled for those because they will likely vanish faster than they arrive.

Laugo Arms Alien Retro Pistol
The Retro model is a special fix for competition shooters. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

While the sweet sound of suppressor “silence” is fantastic, the Alien is also rolling into the states with a solution for competition shooters and handgun-optics lovers alike. The Alien already had an optics-ready variant, but the Retro pistol solves a unique problem specific to IPSC competition shooters. 

Laugo Arms Alien Retro Pistol
In a unique twist to the Retro model, as far as Alien pistols go anyway, the optic reciprocates with the slide. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

One of the nice features of the original Alien design was that it removed the need for the sights to reciprocate with the slide. That’s great for most shooters, but it shut the doors for use in Production Optics Division IPSC matches, so the Retro model solves this with an optics mount that integrates with the slide. 

If you happen to be one of the lucky few to find an early import of either of these in stock, expect the price to correlate as just the Performance model sans optics or suppressor still runs at $3,999 for MSRP.

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