Blending the now old-school gray man aesthetic of the 3rd Gen polymer-framed striker-fired game with the features that folks not familiar with the Weaver stance want, Shadow Systems has a new pistol series. 

The Texas-based company basically known for doing what Glock should have done announced its "starting at $679" Foundation series this month with three alphabet-souped-up models: the MR920FS, a 15+1 shot pistol with a 4-inch barrel akin to the Glock 19; the 4.5-inch 17+1 capacity DR920FS, which is akin to the G17; and the XR920FS crossover, which uses a 4-inch barrel but on a stretched frame capable of using the 17+1 round mags, essentially the G19X/G45.

Shadow Systems Foundation series 9mm pistols
Meet the Shadow Systems Foundation series of 9mm pistols. (Photos: SSF) 

Where the Foundation series has a plus over the standard Glocks is that they are multi-optics ready, have enhanced ergonomics, including wrap-around texture and a modular frame to change the angle of the bore (read that last part twice), include steel sights that have a natural lower-third co-witness with most dots, and ship with upgraded internals such as a carbon steel guide rod and a match grade barrel. In short, they don't look like much at first-- in other words, they aren't ZEVs or Clines-- but they have all the right tweaks in the right spots and do it while staying under $1K. 

Fundamentally, they are pared-down versions of the company's Elite series built more for the interstate daily driver than the racetrack. No spiral-fluted gold TiNi barrels or comps here. 

Shadow System MR920FS
The MR920FS is a 15+1 shot pistol with a 4-inch barrel similar to the Glock 19. The "MR" is for a multi-role pistol.
Shadow systems DR920FS
The 4.5-inch 17+1 capacity DR920FS, is a full-size, duty role pistol-- and a salute to the G17.
Shadow systems XR920FS
The XR920FS crossover uses a 4-inch barrel but on a stretched frame capable of using the 17+1 round mags, kind of like the G19X/G45.

Shadow Systems says the new Foundations are not vaporware, that they are shipping currently to distributors nationwide, and all are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The pistols ship with Magpul GL9 mags.

revolver barrel loading graphic