A shipment of military surplus storage cases recently bought by a Texas couple had at least one filled with some NFA-regulated party favors, sans tax stamps.

The unidentified winners of an auction for over 100 green plastic Hardigg rifle shipping and storage cases from a Georgia-based online surplus company cracked open one to find at least a dozen M16s inside, reports KTRK in Houston. In what was probably the right move from a legal standpoint but what will be an epic letdown for many, they called the ATF who "quickly" arrived to pick up the guns. 

Agents inspecting a green box full of rifles
News footage from KTRK showed federal agents inspecting what appear to be black rifles inside a green 11214-4094-100 series shipping case, capable of holding a dozen M4 or M16 series guns. (Photo: Screengrab)

"It’s almost surreal to believe something like that happen nowadays. It’s incredible,” said retired Houston police captain and former Marine Greg Fremin. "It’s unbelievable to think weapons of that grade, military-grade weapons, would be shipped in containers, would be shipped across state lines, and somebody have access to that. It’s pretty shocking."

Cue up the "Jesus, I've seen what you've done for others, and I want that for me" memes.

Banner file image: M16A4 service rifles laid out on a rack at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, Sept 12, 2022. (Photo: Lance Cpl. Jacob Hutchinson/USMC)

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