Over the weekend a fracas sparked in Europe over the British army rifle trials has led to a lot of speculation about Glock making a rifle.

While it is no secret that the Brits are looking to pick up an AR-ish rifle to equip their new Ranger units and Special Operations Brigade  in lieu of the troubled SA80/L85 Enfield bullpup (I mean, who really likes bullpups, anyway?) Sean Odinson, a former British Army sniper and defense blogger on Saturday released supposed leaked images of a Glock-branded AR platform. This, of course, leaped over the Atlantic and appeared everywhere Glock-related over the weekend. 

Dubbed the GR-115F, which probably will end up being the id of the troll who spoofed this whole thing together, the carbine adds fuel to the ongoing fire that Glock is entering the long gun market. 


Glock rifle
The GR-115F, the story goes, is part of a tender for the British Army in a new Alternative Individual Weapon System rifle for Ranger and special operations units. (Photos: screen grab via Youtube) 


The furniture and BUIS are Magpul while the receivers are a bit more geometrically refined and have ambi surface controls. The barrel length seems to run on the short side and is coupled with a suppressor, which gels with the contract tender that the gun be optimized to run with a suppressor. The handguard uses the same number of M-LOK slots that, as MrGunsNGear says in the below video, is also right on target for the AIWS tender. 

In short, he thinks it could be real.



We've emailed our contacts over at Glock. Not holding our breath here for a response, but we'll see.