Hornady has introduced what they describe as a modern 7mm Magnum that launches heavy, high-BC bullets within safe pressures and fits most long-action rifles. 

The new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge, contends Hornady, brings heavy, low-drag 7mm bullets with an appropriately designed cartridge and chamber into the 21st century. Not a belted magnum, the shoulder-headspacing 7mm PRC has an overall length of 3.340 inches. It functions in standard long actions – such as the size of a .270 or .30-06. The net result is a round that shoots like a 7mm Rem Mag but doesn't need the same barrel length to develop velocity, using a better longer-for-caliber bullet that maintains sectional density, paired with a matching chamber with a longer 1:8 twist rate to wring out the performance. This means it doesn't need a 26-inch barrel and can run at performance out of a 24 or even a 22-inch barrel with manageable recoil and match accuracy. 

Plus, as they use common, temperature stable, magnum speed propellants yielding consistent velocity, Hornady says 7 PRC users will see an increased barrel life over comparable 7 mags.

New 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge lineup
Hornady is launching the new 7mm Precision Rifle Cartridge in a 160-grain Outfitter CX, 180-grain ELD Match, and 175-grain Precision Hunter ELD-X, offering something for both PRS and hunting uses. 

Hornady will also offer 7mm PRC cases, cartridge gauges, and die sets for those who want to load their own ammo. 

The cartridge has already been standardized and approved by SAAMI earlier this summer. The certification specs call for a 180-grain bullet traveling at 2,950 feet per second.

Hornady Marketing Director Neil Davies, Assistant Director of Engineering Joe Thielen, and Ballistician Jayden Quinlan go deep on the reasoning behind the 7 PRC and the potential applications of the cartridge in the below podcast session if you have an hour to kill and an itch to scratch. 


7 PRC Rifles


Savage announced a lineup of no less than 11 new bolt-action rifles in just about every series it has, all ready for the new cartridge. These include a $709 (suggested price) Apex Hunter XP, an $819 Apex Storm XP, a $1,239 110 Timberline and 110 High Country, a $1,449 Impulse Big Game straight-pull, a $1,649 110 Ultralite, and a $2,437 Impulse Mountain Hunter complete with a PROOF Research carbon-fiber barrel. Savage says they are running a target muzzle velocity of 3,000 fps from a 24-inch test barrel using 175 and 180-grain bullets when it comes to 7 PRC.

Savage 7 PRC rifles
Ranging from the $700 Apex Hunter XP, top, to the $2,400 Impulse Mountain Hunter, bottom, Savage has almost a dozen new rifle offerings for the 7 PRC, with most using 22-inch 1-in-8 twist barrels. (Photos: Savage)

"We’re thrilled to get these 7mm PRC additions into the hands of Savage fans and shooters everywhere," said Beth Shimanski, director of marketing at Savage Arms. "With Savage’s heritage for proven accuracy, these rifles are designed for top performance and match grade accuracy, putting challenging shots and the biggest game in your reach."

Mossberg also has off-the-shelf rifles ready for the new 7 PRC with two versions of the Patriot Predator, both using 24-inch 1:8 threaded and fluted barrels. The rifles weigh just 6.5 pounds, bare, and have a top Pic rail for optics. The difference between the two is in the finish, with a basic matte blue barrel hitting $519 – the most inexpensive 7 PRC at this point – while a brown Cerakote model with a Strata camo stock goes for $616.

Mossberg 7 PRC
Mossberg has two very affordable new 7 PRC rifles, both running under $650. (Photos: Mossberg)

When it comes to fully custom rifles, both AllTerra Arms in Idaho and Gunwerks in Wyoming are offering ground-up creations that trend in the $6K-$9K range. Speaking of the latter, Aaron, Landon & Neal over at Gunwerks recently held an hour-long podcast on the specs and ballistic performance of the 7 PRC and compare it to "the other" popular 7mm cartridges including the 7 SAUM, 7 Rem Mag, 7 LRM and 28 Nosler. Interesting stuff if you are curious.


revolver barrel loading graphic