The new Rush 9Ti by FN, announced on Tuesday, is the firearms maker's inaugural entry into the world of commercial pistol suppressors. 

While designed as a perfect companion for the company's FN 509 tactical line of pistols-- which come from the factory with threaded barrels-- the Rush 9Ti uses standard 1/2x28 TPI threads to pair with most common suppressor-ready handguns. Constructed of a lightweight titanium-hybrid (hence the "Ti"), the can is 7.3 inches overall with a 1.375-inch tube diameter. Weight is 10.8 ounces sans piston and wave spring (which are included) with weight savings from an aircraft-grade aluminum baffle stack and titanium tube while the blast and tulip baffles are of high-heat stainless steel. 


The new Rush 9Ti pistol suppressor by FN
FN says the Rush 9Ti works with the "widest variety of factory-loaded ammunition from budget 9mm 115 grain ammo up to 165-grain subsonic loads." (Photo: FN)
The new Rush 9Ti pistol suppressor by FN
Diameter is 1.375 inches over the tube, which allows it to work with the factory-standard FN 509 Tactical sights and most co-witnessing MRD height sights. (Photo: FN)
The new Rush 9Ti pistol suppressor by FN
The FN Rush 9Ti uses a straightforward design that breaks down for maintenance with an included front/end cap assembly tool. (Photo: FN)
The new Rush 9Ti pistol suppressor by FN
Available in Flat Dark Earth (because FN) or Black HT Cerakote, the Rush 9Ti has a lifetime warranty. (Photo: FN)


"The FN Rush 9Ti is the first introduction in FN’s portfolio of firearm accessories that enhance the end user’s shooting experience,” said Chris Cole, FN America's VP of Sales and Marketing. "Our goal with developing the Rush 9Ti was to give consumers a reliable and durable 9mm suppressor that met FN’s rigorous quality standards and would integrate seamlessly with the FN 509 and other 9mm hosts. We tackled some of the most common complaints about suppressor performance like blowback and recoil reduction to deliver a final product capable of mitigating both."

The move into commercial suppressors follows such efforts by Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Daniel Defense, and others to market their own companion moderators in recent years. It makes sense when you consider how mainstream suppressors have become just over the past generation. Threaded pistol barrels are commonly available while the specs on just about every new semi-auto rifle (as well as some lever-actions and bolt guns) include the thread pitch, something that finally received SAAMI standardization earlier this year.

According to the latest statistics from federal regulators, as of by May 2021 there were no less than 2,664,774 suppressors of all sorts on the NFA's record, up from just 285,087 in 2010. As noted by the American Suppressor Association, at least 42 states now recognize the lawful possession and use of the devices.

The MSRP on the new FN Rush 9Ti is $849, regardless of color.

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