It’s hard to not be excited and impressed with the quality and innovation that B&T puts forward, and the guns it had on hand for Shot Show 2023 were no exception. Whether it was on the range or on the show floor, B&T’s firearms shined and drew lines of eager gun enthusiasts.


In 2004, the TP9 was designed and released as the lightest 9mm submachine gun on the market. Over 15 years later, B&T has now released its even littler brother with the TP380, a smaller and lighter version of the design chambered in .380 ACP.

B&T TP380
In the race for small but innovative tactical solutions, the little TP380 offers one with few challengers in its weight class. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The extremely small frame and lightweight design make this the perfect candidate for easy storage and rapid deployment with the folding stock. As with almost all of B&T’s products, the TP380 features a threaded barrel and a purpose-built suppressor that reduces back pressure, all while not adding excessive weight or length to the firearm.   



There's storable and then there's packable firearms, and the BWC9 is just a button-click away from being the key tactical advantage. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The next innovation that B&T has been producing is a chassis system that’s similar to the joint Magpul/ZEV folding FDP-9 PDW project that stirred up a lot of interest over the years. The B&T BWC9 is a folding chassis that can rapidly deploy with the push of a button. 

Built for compatibility with the SIG P320, this is simply an accessory that can be purchased and shipped directly to the end user, as opposed to filtering it through an FFL. The user simply drops in a SIG Sauer P320 serialized fire-control group – which requires a Form 1 since this will be an SBR – and installs the slide for the handgun into the chassis. 

With that, you are ready to rock. The folding chassis can accommodate slides that vary in length from subcompacts to X-Five. The carry handle of the unit features an Aimpoint Acro 2 as the sighting system. 

KH9 Covert


KH9 Covert
Sticking with the folding theme, the KH9 Covert has some interesting historical roots. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

B&T’s KH9 Covert is a modern rendition of the French Hotchkiss folding machine gun that was designed in 1949. Easily stored and rapidly deployed, this small package provides easy and compact firepower. This B&T product was developed with aircrews, tankers, and other tight-quarter jobs in mind, offering an effective defensive firearm in emergency situations.

Chambered in 9mm, it features a collapsible stock, folding pistol grip, and folding magazine well. The design also includes a tri-lug barrel that can accommodate a suppressor. Using modified APC9 magazines, the gun can be stored safely with a loaded magazine inserted. The KH9 Covert is truly the most advanced design in its class. 



B&T SPC223
We're not out of the AR age just yet, and B&T's SPC223 offers an even more compact AR platform. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The SPC223 is B&T’s take on an AR-15 while including the quality and technology that the company has established its reputation on. Built off an upscaled concept of the SPC9, this big brother will be available in .223 Rem with options of 11.5- and 16-inch barrel lengths. There will also be a .300 BLK version that will be available with an 8.7-inch barrel. 

The SPC223 is a piston-driven AR that features ambidextrous controls and light recoil due to the big hydraulic buffer system. The rifle is lightweight, balanced, and fits perfectly in the modern AR concept and size. The SPC223 features a proprietary muzzle device that is designed to quickly attach the MARS suppressor. The lightweight 5.56 or 7.62 suppressor was developed for the U.S. Marine Corps’ suppressor program. Small and compact, the MARS suppressor is also affordable with an MSRP of $675.

APC9 Limited


The APC9 has been around long enough to earn its stripes as a tactical pistol-caliber carbine. (Photo: Seth Rogers/

The APC has garnered a respected spot in the gun community as one of the best pistol-caliber carbines on the market. The Limited series is a sleek and slim version of the design. 

The APC9 Limited will be available in two different barrel lengths, 6.7 and 8.9 inches. Featuring a slender handguard, the traditional Picatinny rail has been replaced by M-LOK mounts to improve ergonomics without sacrificing the ability to mount accessories. The gun hosts an Elftmann Tactical trigger, hydraulic buffer system, and telescoping stock that folds and has a cheek riser. It has all that along with an all-aluminum lower receiver and B&T Jet Funnel magazine well. This 9mm brings a premium feel to the shooting experience. 


RBS SQD suppressor
We can't leave out one of our favorite quiet-time solutions with the SQD design we got to use on range day. (Photo: Paul Peterson/

As a company that is internationally known for its suppressors, the RBS SQD is B&T’s Reduced Back-Pressure System suppressor mated with the Super Quick Detach mounting system. This tri-lug compatible suppressor can be installed with the click of a button in under two seconds, making it the easiest possible way to quiet a gun while not sacrificing the reduction of gas hitting the face of the shooter. 

This is one of the most impressive suppressors that I have had a chance to shoot at SHOT Show 2023, and it should come as no surprise given that B&T is the world’s largest suppressor manufacturer. 

revolver barrel loading graphic