Henry headlines some big news in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the outdoor industry’s 2023 SHOT Show. Not only is Henry Repeating Arms filling a booth at its first SHOT Show, but fans of the cowboy brand got a real surprise. The normally lever-heavy brand instead introduced a brand-new semi-automatic pistol-caliber carbine. 

Yes, you read that correctly – Henry Repeating Arms is building a 9mm blowback-action, wood-stocked, magazine-friendly repeating carbine. If that’s not enough, Henry also partnered with Remington to create a whole new chambering for its popular lever actions. Read on. 

Meet the Homesteader

Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto Rifle
The Homsteader breaks the standard Henry mold of lever-action designs, but it still is distinctly Henry in the looks department. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)

Not only has Henry come out with a wild new platform, but it’s finally given these sweet guns an actual name – along with a rather boring model-numbering system. The newbie 9mm shall henceforth be known as the Homesteader. With blued steel and hardwood, it’s certainly reminiscent of early Ruger Camp Gun models, yet it has a flair and design all its own. 

One of the friendliest features is an ambidextrous charging handle. Though, of course, the ejection port remains on the right. Both the magazine release and bolt hold-open are ambi friendly as well. Speaking of magazines, the Henry Homesteader will accept multiple 9mm magazines: Henry’s own proprietary design, Glock, S&W, and Sig Sauer. 

Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto Rifle
Ambi bolt handles are a nice touch, though ejection is still on the right side. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)
Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto Rifle
And a tang safety keeps things easy for left-handed and right-handed shooters. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)

Though we’ve yet to iron out all the details, it sounds like there will be three separate variants. One will take Henry’s own mags. The next will be fitted with the adapter for the Glock sticks, while the final version will accept both S&W M&P and SIG 320 magazines. 

Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto Rifle
Along with the threaded barrel, Henry is offering magazine choices that range from Glock and M&P sticks to a home-grown Henry option. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)

There’s a forward-mounted XS ghost-ring sight on the barrel. The receiver is drilled and tapped for easy optics mounting. Henry’s tang safety is tight and smooth with the lines of the gun. American walnut stocks are stippled rather than checkered, and they include both sling studs and a nicely rubberized recoil pad. 

Henry Homesteader Semi-Auto Rifle
Included sights offer an easy-to-acquire ghost-ring rear. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)

The 16-inch round barrel is threaded at 1/2x28 TPI for easy suppressor mounting, and we had a chance to put a few rounds through the new suppressed Homesteader. The gun is weighty, fast handling, acquires targets quickly, and recoils incredibly light. As always, it’s built in America, with these particular guns coming from Rice Lake, Wisconsin. 

Once the shock wore off that Henry had ventured into the semi-auto category, we really appreciated the entry. There’s no denying the pistol-caliber carbine (PCC) market is hot right now, and hunters are always seeking fresh options. At the time of the launch, 9mm is the only chambering in the catalog. However, we would be surprised if more calibers aren’t added in the future. 

With all the buzz around the Henry Repeating Arms’ Industry Day on the Range line and its booth on the show floor, it’s safe to say those drooling over the gun ought to get their orders in early. There looks to be considerable demand. Keep an eye on Guns.com as we’ll be going more in depth with a Homesteader soon, but that’s not all for Henry in 2023. 

Henry and the .360 Buckhammer


New Buckhammer .360 Ammo
As a brand known and loved for fine lever guns, Henry was kind enough to prep some rifles for the new .360 Buckhammer round. (Photo: Kristen Alberts/Guns.com)

The Homesteader steals the limelight, sure, but there’s actually more splashy news at Henry Repeating Arms. Henry partnered with Remington ammunition to create an entirely new round. The .360 Buckhammer (BHMR) is a straight-walled casing tailor-made for lever-action rifles and hunters in Midwestern states with cartridge restrictions. Its 1.8-inch casing length keeps it legal in all those areas, while the ballistics are quite appealing to whitetail hunters chasing bucks around or inside the 200-yard range. 

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Though we could – and later will – go into much greater detail, suffice it to say the .360 Buckhammer is the modern offspring of the .35 Remington and .30-30 Winchester, but on a straight casing. Both 180- and 200-grain loads will be available immediately, though Federal ammunition will be joining the Remington party very soon with expanded choices. 

The BHMR will compete with Winchester’s youngish straight-wall darling .350 Legend, while offering some performance benefits. But the fact that it’s a rimmed round for lever guns has our eye for sure. The company is adding the chambering to multiple existing product lines, including the Steel Lever Action, the blacked-out X Model, and the Steel Single Shot rifle, with more sure to come. 

revolver barrel loading graphic