New for Heckler & Koch (HK) this year at Shot Show 2023 are collaborations with Holosun and Langdon Tactical Technologies (LTT). But in other, perhaps even bigger news, HK magazines have increased capacity! All size magazines in the VP and P families are getting an increase of two rounds, without any change in external dimensions. For instance, what was a 13-round extended magazine for the VP9SK is now 15-rounds.

Perhaps the biggest news from HK was the addition of higher-capacity magazines for the VP9/P Series handguns. (Photo: Don Summers/


New Offering with Holosun

HK is now offering their VP9 pistols with Holosun SCS red dot optics which you can order directly from HK. The sights will come mounted and torqued directly from the factory. They are using the brand new Holosun SCS optic. 

The Holosun SCS has been an incredibly popular optic. (Photo: Don Summers/

This version of the SCS is made specifically to fit on the VP9 without any plates. It mounts directly on the slide, making the dot sit very low on the slide. It co-witnesses with the standard factory sights.  The SCS is a cutting-edge red dot, incorporating several unique and proprietary technologies into the optic that no other sight has incorporated. I wrote an article on this sight a little while back where I go over all the improvements, Check it out:

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VP9SK with the Holosun SCS directly mounted. (Photo: Don Summers/

Right now, buying these optic-mounted VP9s are pretty much the only way to get this innovative red dot. Even though the Holosun VP9 SCS sights are available to the public, HK has bought the entire initial run to mount on their pistols. You’ll eventually be able to buy the dot on its own, but at present, you have to go with the complete package. Just a hair over $1,200 MSRP. That works out to a buyer saving around $50 when purchasing the complete gun from HK vs. buying the gun and optic separately.

Introducing LTT Collab


Ernest Langdon made a name on the competition circuit and for his work on the Beretta 92, now he takes on the HK P30. (Photo: Don Summers/

The other new major collaboration for HK is with LTT. If you don’t know, Ernest Langdon, he is a champion pistol competitor who turned into gunsmith extraordinaire. He started with Berettas and is now branching into many different pistol types. His specialty is mounting red dots on older pistols that were designed before pistol mounted optics were even considered. His signature is the Beretta 92.  

Just look at that trigger and tell me that you don't want to pull it a few times. (Photo: Don Summers/

LTT is now mounting red dots on HK P30s. They buy pistols directly from HK and then modify them to accept a red dot mounting system. In addition to getting a plate, you can also purchase LTT’s renowned trigger jobs. Complete guns with red dot options start at $1,348. These customized guns are only available from Langdon Tactical Technologies, but they are fully endorsed by HK and HK was showing off the guns at their booth.

Spotted with the man, the myth, the legend. Ernest Langdon was on hand to talk about his latest collab. (Photo: Dave Luu/
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