You may not know the company name Laugo Arms, but if you get a chance to try its pistols, you will never forget the gun.

Laugo Arms’ original design, as imported by Lancer Systems, was the Alien and hit the market in limited numbers a few years ago. With Laugo Arms USA now standing on its own two feet, new for 2023 and on display at SHOT Show this year is the Creator edition, which is basically the Alien with a few changes based on user feedback. 

First, they changed the grip angle. The original Alien had a Glock grip angle, but the new Creator has a 1911 grip angle. Second, Laugo added a completely modular grip – all four sides of the grip are interchangeable for a custom feel.

Laugo Arms Creator
The Creator edition was the flattest-shooting pistol on the range. (Photo: Don Summers/

It’s a totally new and unique gun design that is built to be the flattest-shooting competition pistol in the world. You really must shoot it to appreciate it. The closest description I can give is that it shoots like a pistol with a compensator, but it does not have a compensator. 

Laugo was able to achieve this effect by creating a gun with the lowest bore axis of any production firearm. The barrel sits below the top of the grip, and the recoil assembly rides above the barrel. 

Laugo Alien
Here you can see just how low the Alien's barrel is and the recoil assembly. (Photo: Don Summers/
Laugo Alien,
The end result is also a remarkably thin slide. (Photo: Don Summers/

On traditional guns, the barrel is above the recoil assembly. Because the bore axis is above the line of your hand and wrist, it imparts torque that bends the wrist and flips the gun up. We call this “muzzle rise,” and most guns produce 10 to 15 degrees of deflection. The Laugo pistol reverses the standard pistol construction so that the bore is in line with your hand and wrist, thereby minimizing muzzle rise and creating a super-flat-shooting pistol. Laugo pistols have a deflection of around 5 degrees. 

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The operation system is basically a gas-delayed blowback system. It’s similar to that of the HK P7 but flipped upside down. This eliminates the common overheating problem with the P7, because the heat is now dissipated through the top of the gun. Another cool feature of this system is that it works better with high-pressure ammunition. The more powerful the round, the flatter the gun shoots. 

In addition, the reciprocating mass is also much less than in traditional guns because of Laugo’s unique design. Less moving mass equates to less perceived recoil. Also, the top plate of the slide does not move, so the sighting system does not move during recoil. Tracking the fixed sights or red dot is incredibly easy because they never leave your sight picture. 

Laugo Arms Creator
This was not just a flat-shooting gun, but it was also the most unique one I found on the range at SHOT Show 2023. (Photo: Don Summers/

Finally, the trigger is light and crisp with a short reset. All these features mean that you can shoot this gun faster and more accurately than any other pistol. This was the most unique gun I got to shoot at SHOT Show 2023. I need to own one of these pistols. But all these benefits do come at a cost, with the MSRP starting at $4,700, depending on model and kit.

revolver barrel loading graphic