GForce Arms has been making waves with budget-priced shotguns since the early days of the pandemic, following up this year with the release of the LVR410. This model won’t come at a blowout price like the GF3T series we saw during the holidays, but you will get a quality lever-action shotgun at a price that’s still affordable compared to the competition.

The Lever-Action Shotgun

Innately American, the lever action served the U.S. through several wars and conflicts but was never as popular overseas as it was domestically. While lever-action shotguns are not unheard-of, they are certainly not as common as the pumps and break actions in your local gun shop. 

The Winchester 1887 12-gauge is the first shotgun of this style that comes to mind, conjuring up scenes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” one-handing a sawed-off 12-gauge from the back of his Harley-Davidson. 


Enter GForce LVR410

Since we are not all Mr. Olympia, GForce now offers the LVR410, a lever-action .410-bore shotgun. This is a beautiful design for a wide array of uses, perfect for beginners and seasoned shooters alike. 

GForce's LVR410 puts a modern twist on the classic American lever gun. (Photos: Zach Buth/

While .410 is the smallest gauge of shotshell on the market, it has been used for everything from pest control to U.S. Air Force survival rifles. From buckshot to ratshot, there are many .410 ammunition options. 

The LVR410’s Turkish walnut furniture and case-colored receiver are visual reminders of the iconic American lever guns that won the West, but with a modern twist. 

Extra Goodies

While the aesthetics mimic the guns of old, this GForce has a modern flare, featuring a fiber-optic insert in the front sight housing and an interchangeable choke set. Full, modified, and cylinder chokes are included, offering the ability to adjust the shot pattern for different applications.  

Whether there are pests to take care of in your garden or you want a new gun that will spark some envy at the plinking range, the LVR410 is a great option. 

revolver barrel loading graphic