Wisconsin-based Henry Repeating Arms continues to grow from its traditional lever-gun line and on Thursday introduced a pair of new .357 Magnum six-shooters.

The company's first two entries in what is dubbed the Henry Big Boy Revolver line are both medium-framed double-action/single-action guns with swing-out cylinders. Each features a 4-inch barrel and is chambered in .357/.38, with the difference coming in the grip-- one ships with square Gunfighter-style grips while the second has rounded compact Birdshead-style grips. 


Henry Big Boy Revolver, gunfighter grip
Both Big Boy revolvers from Henry run about 34 ounces and have a traditional revolver sight picture with a fixed notch cut directly into the frame and a ramped blade front sight. Three different front sight sizes (high, medium, and low) are included with each revolver so the user can better tune their preferred point of aim. (Photo: Henry) 
Henry Big Boy Revolver, birdshead grip
A transfer bar safety keeps the firing pin from striking a loaded chamber unless the hammer is cocked back, and the trigger is squeezed. Note the exposed ejector rod and barrel profile that are very much akin in styling to a circa 1950s Colt Official Police. (Photo: Henry) 


Featuring polished blued steel finishes and deluxe American walnut grips, these new wheel guns are meant more for target shooters and collectors.

The MSRP on the new Henry Big Boy Revolver series is $928. It complements the company's new Homesteader carbine, which recalls the old Winchester Model 1907s. 

revolver barrel loading graphic