Billed as the first new bolt action centerfire action rifle line from the company in over 50 years, Weatherby's Model 307 both salutes its past and looks to the future. 

Weatherby, formerly of California, has been in the rifle game for 78 years, and its historic Mark V (introduced in 1958) and Vanguard (circa 1971) lineups are well-known to hunters and sportsmen. Shifting to a more 2A-friendly Wyoming in 2018 with a new factory in Sheridan, the very name of the company's new rifle shows off its Cowboy State heritage – borrowing from the 307 area code that has served the state since 1947. 

At the heart of the new Model 307 is a two-lug, fully cylindrical action compatible with a wide array of aftermarket accessories. It uses a fluted bolt with a tool-less disassembly, an M16 style extractor, an externally adjustable TriggerTech trigger, and a detachable Magpul magazine, but, as it is 700-platform compatible, could accommodate a wide swath of popular stocks, triggers, rails, mounts, and magazines already on the market. Further, all of the rifles will be guaranteed sub-MOA from a cold barrel. 

In short, where the legacy Vanguard and Mark V are traditional closed rifle systems with a very 1950s-1970s feel to them, the Model 307 is a more open, modular, platform that can be used for both hunting or PRS shooting. 

While the action itself will be available to builders for $750, Weatherby plans to have two all-up rifles shipping sometime this summer: the Model 307 Range XP and the Model 307 Alpine MDT. 

Range XP



Weatherby's Model 307 Range XP
The Range XP is billed as a "shooter-friendly platform that can dominate the shooting range or the mountain range." It uses an OD Green adjustable vertical grip stock and a fluted barrel paired with an Accubrake. (All photos: Weatherby)
Weatherby's Model 307 Range XP
Compatible with AICS magazines, it ships with a Magpul mag. These will be offered in 12 calibers including Weatherby's own .240, .257, and 6.5 Mag, along with more vanilla chamberings such as .30-06, .308 Winchester, and 6.5 Creedmoor. 
Weatherby's Model 307 Range XP
Weight is in the 7.5-pound range, and the asking MSRP on the Weatherby 307 Range XP is $1,199. 


307 Alpine MDT



Weatherby's Model 307 Alpine MDT
The Alpine MDT runs MDT’s lightweight HNT26 Chassis System, which is foldable and fully adjustable for length of pull and comb height. It is compatible with AICS magazines. Meanwhile, the forend has an integral ARCA rail for use with a tripod. 
Weatherby's Model 307 Alpine MDT
It will be offered in standard short and long actions, chambered in 15 calibers ranging from 240 Weatherby Mag through 7mm PRC.
Weatherby's Model 307 Alpine MDT
Weight is in the high 6-pound range, and MSRP is $2,999.


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