Over the last few years, we have witnessed record-breaking sales numbers in the firearms industry. It makes sense that many manufacturers released new guns well-suited for specifically concealed carry during that time period. Here are seven that are definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new carry gun. 


Sig states that the P365XL is the perfect balance of concealment and shootability, and many people would agree. It comes standard with a 12+1 capacity, X-Ray3 day/night sights and a flat trigger. If red-dot optics are your style, you’ll be ready to mount one from the factory thanks to the optics-ready slide. The P365XL is a well-rounded and reliable pistol that has become extremely popular and for good reason.

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The Hellcat Pro just came out this year, and man am I glad that it did. I already loved the original Hellcat, but the Pro takes it to the next level. You still get the reversible magazine release, front slide serrations, and the adaptive grip texture. However, the taller grip and longer barrel result in increased capacity and accuracy. 

For someone with XL hands like myself, the new grip is welcomed with open arms! It comes standard with 15-round flush magazines and a 3.7-inch hammer-forged barrel. The Hex Wasp pairs perfectly with it if you’re looking to add a red dot to complete your carry setup.


If you like maximizing the “bang for your buck,” the TP9 Elite SC is a great option. It’s loaded with features, such as a reversible magazine release, match-grade nitride-coated barrel, and an optics-ready slide. In addition to the gun itself, you’ll find a ton of accessories are included. You’ll get a holster, spare magazine, magazine loader, interchangeable backstraps, and a red-dot base plate. Overall, it’s a nice carry package built around a reliable pistol.

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With a 10+1 capacity (13+1 with extended magazine), flat face trigger, and an optics-ready slide, it’s no wonder why the M&P 9 Shield Plus is one of the most popular micro-compact pistols on the market. It also features a comfortable 18-degree grip angle that’s paired with an enhanced grip texture. The Shield Plus is reliable, accurate, and a comfortable shooter for its size. It’s one of my personal EDC guns, and I am glad that it is!

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The Glock 48 was technically released just over three years ago, but this list didn’t feel right without it. It features a reversible magazine catch, a Glock Marksman barrel, and front slide serrations. It has a slightly longer barrel and sight radius than the Glock 43X, making it a little bit easier to manage for recoil and accuracy. The standard magazine capacity is 10 rounds, but you can find aftermarket magazines that hold up to 15 rounds without adding any additional length. 


If you’re looking to carry a .380 Auto, consider the Ruger LCP Max. While many .380s come with a 6+1 capacity, the LCP Max comes standard with a 10+1 capacity. It features a reversible magazine release and a tritium front sight to aid in low-light target acquisition. Best of all, it’s less than 1 inch wide, making it extremely easy to conceal. 


Many have found the MC2c to be a pleasant addition to the compact pistol market. It’s an ergonomic double-stack pistol that is relatively minimalistic compared to some others. Now, to clarify, minimalistic is not bad in this scenario. It’s reliable, affordable, and has the basics that you would typically look for in a carry gun. It features a 15+1 capacity, reversible magazine release, and a flat-face trigger. With a nice grip pattern and a large beavertail, it’s comfortable in hand as well.

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Choosing a gun to carry is an extremely important decision. This list is a solid starting point, but there are plenty of other great options available on the market, too. Make a list of your must-haves, do your research, and find what suits you best. To help, check out our Certified Used inventory for deals and guns that might even come with some additional extras.