Pennsylvania-based Geissele Automatics announced their rumored rail-interfaced bayonet mount over the weekend and sold out in minutes. 

"You've seen it on our internal testing videos and now it's finally here... the Super Stabby Bayonet Mount (SSBM) allows Picatinny integration of stabby accessories to your handguard!" said Geissele on social media Saturday afternoon.

Constructed of 7075-T6 aluminum, the 5.7-ounce Super Stabby is intended for AR users who lack a GI-style bayonet lug but have a handguard with accessory rails. Likewise, the mount could be used on other non-AR platforms provided the slots are there. 

"The SSBM is optimized for the M9 Bayonet and is compatible with Bayonets that interface with the M16 Mil-Spec Bayonet Lugs and front barrel/muzzle rings," says Geissele. "It only requires 5 Picatinny sections to be mounted."
Do you need a bayonet? Pshaw. The real question should be "why don't I have a bayonet?" Especially with today's ammo prices. (Photos: Geissele)

Available in black, OD, and DDC, the Super Stabby retails between $150 and $165 depending on the color (when in stock) which, for die-hard Geissele fans, is peanuts when it comes to flexing on the poors. 

revolver barrel loading graphic