Best upgrade for Ruger 10/22? Tech Sights

10/22 Tech Sights are amazingly user-friendly (Photo by Jim Grant)

The 10/22 Tech Sights are amazingly user-friendly. (Photo by Jim Grant)

Like many of you, my first rimfire rifle was a Ruger 10/22, and I loved it, mostly. The only aspect I wasn’t head over heels on was the iron sights. They are practically miniscule. Sure, the 10/22 comes with everything necessary to mount a scope, but some people enjoy shooting irons, and the stock 10/22 sights aren’t accommodating for anyone who wears glasses.

A1 rear sights on a 10/22? Hell yeah. (Photo by Jim Grant)

A1 rear sights on a 10/22? Hell yeah. (Photo by Jim Grant)

Thankfully, a small company out of Hartsville, South Carolia, makes M16-style aperture sights for a number of firearms, including the 10/22. Constructed from aluminum billet, these M16A1 style iron sights mount to the receiver using the existing holes used by the 10/22’s scope rail, and increase the sight radius of the rifle by 8 inches.

Since they are modeled after M16A1 style sights they require either a standard .223 bullet or sight tool to adjust them for windage and drop. Anyone familiar with the Ruger’s original sight adjustment method knows this is light years faster more accurate and repeatable. Since the rear sight of the Ruger is held by a set screw and adjustable by moving it around and tightening the screw, it is very difficult to adjust in the field.

The aperture style sights might not be for everyone, but anyone who has any military training will find them very familiar and easy to use. In my experience they bring back the thrill of squirrel hunting by making my rifle much lighter than when I mount a scope, more challenging at long range but nearly as fast as a red dot sight at anything closer than 50 yards.

The original 10/22 iron sights are anything but user-friendly (Photo by Jim Grant)

The original 10/22 iron sights are anything but user-friendly (Photo by Jim Grant)

Tech Sights have become, to me, what anti-tilt followers are for AR magazines: a necessity. When looking for a new rimfire rifle I check the Tech-Sights website before I buy, if it doesn’t come with aperture sights and I can’t buy some from Tech-Sights, I don’t buy it. Sounds dramatic, but I’ve never met anyone who has told them they shot worse with them than without.

Tech-Sights also makes their eponymous irons for AK, SKS Marlin Remington Mossberg Savage and CZ rifles.  So if you don’t like the sights on your .22 rifle, check them out. At $60, they’re not too expensive and cut your groupings in half, so long as you do your part.

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