One shot of 12-gauge gobbler ammunition gets the job done in old-fashioned style with Henry’s first dedicated turkey gun, and it might just be the most well-made single shot yet. Meet the Henry Repeating Arms H015T-12 – better known as the Single Shot Turkey – a camouflaged magnum shotgun bent on bagging longbeards. 

Henry H015T-12 Single Shot Turkey

Henry’s Single Shot Turkey looks and feels the part of a gobbler slayer. Wearing a 24-inch round barrel and hosting a magnum-sized 3.5-inch chamber, this beast devours all turkey ammunition. There’s full Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage coverage, which is the official pattern of the National Wild Turkey Federation. 

At first glance, the camouflage stocks may look like synthetic, but that’s actually American walnut beneath the Mossy Oak. The butt is fitted with a solid, black rubber recoil pad that puts the length of pull at 14 inches and provides an overall length of only 39.5 inches. 

Henry Repeating Arms H015T-12 Shotgun
At first glance, the camo stocks may look like synthetic, but that’s actually American walnut beneath the Mossy Oak Obsession camouflage. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/



The bright red and green fiber-optic sights are easily adjustable. The barrel is drilled and tapped for additional optics mounting options and accepts the standard Weaver 82 base. To specialize this gobbler getter even more, Henry ships the gun with a removable, extended extra-full turkey choke. 

This single shot uses a rebounding external hammer safety mechanism and ambidextrous locking lever. Henry’s safety system prevents the action from opening or closing when the action is cocked as an additional security measure. This H015-T model joins the existing family of Henry single shot shotguns and rifles.

Field Work

While we’ve harvested dandy toms using Henry’s lever-action .410 and brass single-shot scatterguns, this model is purpose built for both hardcore and casual gobbler chasers. Even though single shots generally have a reputation for being built more affordably, Henry’s version carries a slightly higher price tag, but it is backed by the quality of a gun that is all-American made. They also boast an exceptional customer service guarantee attached to every firearm that leaves the Henry doors. 

Henry Repeating Arms H015T-12 Shotgun
Though recoil can be stout with 3.5-inch magnum gobbler loads, the gun’s 6.8-pound weight with wood stocks and a quality recoil pad make it surprisingly manageable. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Henry Repeating Arms H015T-12 Shotgun
The factory fiber-optic sights are fully adjustable and exceptionally bright in a red and green combination. Those who prefer to add an optic will appreciate the drilled and tapped receiver. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

We were a bit worried about firing magnum turkey loads – think serious shoulder bruising – and there’s no denying the recoil from the heaviest magnum rounds is stout. However, when partnering the weight of the wood-stocked single at just under 7 pounds with a decent pad, recoil is manageable. If kick is a leading concern, we’d advise downsizing to 3-inch rounds, which makes range time much gentler. We’re not going out to shoot a round of trap with 3.5-inch magnum turkey loads, but we wouldn’t have a problem trying a round of clays with target loads. An added bonus of the single-shot platform is that it is left-hand friendly, so any shooters can easily manipulate the gun. 

Pattern & Hunt

For patterning, we fired a mix of premium hunting ammunition, including Federal Premium, Hornady, Kent Cartridge, HEVI-Shot, Winchester, and Browning. While this is a magnum-chambered twelve, we included both 3- and 3.5-inch hunting rounds. We worked from 20 yards on out to 70 yards, with deadly patterns throughout. However, we find the greatest turkey hunting joy is getting those boss gobblers in close. 

Patterning was exceptional out to the 70 yards we tested, not that we advocate launching long bombs at longbeards. Nonetheless, it’s best to know how that firearm patterns for sake of both gun and choke. Henry uses Rem-style tubes, and the Single Shot Turkey ships with a solitary extended extra-full turkey choke. Spare flush-mount tubes are available from the Henry Pride store, which can turn this gobbler gun into a do-all field master. 

While we prefer good iron sights, having a drilled and tapped receiver makes optics mounting a breeze. We’re sticking with the factory fiber-optic irons for now, but there’s a Leupold DeltaPoint optic in this gun’s future. Optics can be attached using the drilled and tapped holes set up for Weaver bases. You could also order a ready-made setup from Skinner Sights. The included choke is made for Henry by Carlson and uses a .660 constriction and marked for use with lead, TSS, and HEVI-Shot. 

Turkeys, Memories, and More

While Henry’s Single Shot Turkey is a dominant player in the gobbler woods and fields, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s a one-trick pony. In fact, there’s no reason this can’t be used as a hunting shotgun for anything you’d chase with a smoothbore twelve. Change out the choke for a cylinder bore, load it for deer, and those fiber optics will light up on target. Sling studs make the hefty shotgun easier to carry afield, as it’s definitely not a lightweight. 

The bottom line is this. If you’re in the market for a purely American-made single-shot gobbler gun, Henry is where it’s at, period. It’s not a cheap gun. However, it’s a lifetime one that will be passed along for generations. 

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