Let’s face it. The Sig P365 sure looks like an underfed version of the Sig P320. But it has some serious meat on its bones for a concealed carry gun. Frankly, I'm glad I found both.

I don’t generally like tinkering with my self-defense handguns, and I’m not thrilled about dropping a boatload of cash on just one gun. I’m also not a big-brand loyalist. That said, I’ll throw some money at you if you give me a pistol I can shoot well out of the box and carry comfortably. 

So after years of bouncing around, I settled on the Sig P320 for concealed carry. Then I got my hands on the P365.

Carrying Sig’s P320:

The Sig P320 is a great winter carry option and provides plenty of control even when wearing gloves. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

I live in Wisconsin. It gets cold up here, and I have zero issues concealing my Sig P320 under my work shirts and winter coat. The size is just right for me to easily draw it from the holster when wearing layers of clothing. The trigger guard is also large enough for me to use while wearing gloves.

This pistol has been at my side for long hikes, shoveling, lawn work, you name it. It’s a relatively large carry gun and weighs 2 pounds, 1.7 ounces when loaded with 124-grain Sig Elite Performance ammunition. At a standard capacity of 15+1, I’m confident it can get the job done. Plus, I carry an extended 21-round backup magazine when I feel the need. 

While somewhat large, the thickness at the center of the Sig P320’s grip fills the palm of your hand for more controllability and comfort. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

You can get a really positive grip on this pistol. It has a circumference of 5.75 inches by my measure. That’s similar to a Glock 19 Gen 4, but it’s thicker in the center. So this is a great choice if you’re looking for a gun that really fills the palm of your hand. I also find that the P320 points naturally for me, and I shoot it better than my Glock. That’s why I carried it nearly every day. 

I still love it … except, well, I also love wearing tank tops and lighter shirts in the summer. The P320 gives me some trouble here. The pistol grip is, frankly, grippy and fat. That’s great for shooting but bad for lighter shirts that tend to snag on the grip texture. Enter the Sig P365. 

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Sig’s P365: Big Capacity, ‘Tiny’ Gun

It might look small, but don’t let that fool you. The Sig P365 provides plenty of space for a strong, positive grip. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Confession time: The initial hype around the Sig P365 actually turned me off at first. I was judgy, sure, and I can admit that now. But after taking it for a spin, it earned its place as my new go-to EDC gun.

Don’t let the Sig P365 fool you. I generally hate shooting small guns. They just don’t sit well in my hands. That’s not true for this pistol. The Sig P365 really doesn’t really feel like a tiny gun. It actually fills my hands quite nicely, and I enjoy shooting it on the range. 

The grip circumference is also deviously large and comes in at 5 inches, though you do lose the thickness of the P320 grip. It’s also nearly forgettable when carried inside the waistband. I can slide my holstered gun onto my belt in two seconds and never even worry about it printing. 

This small package provides ample firepower with 10+1 rounds when loaded with a standard magazine. Additional magazines provide a 12+1 and 15+1 option as well. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

Capacity is outstanding for a gun this size as well. I typically carry it with a magazine that gives me 10+1 in the gun, and it comes in at 1 pound, 7.1 ounces loaded. The compact size of the gun also makes it extremely easy to add extra carry magazines without feeling like your pockets are stuffed.

I carry an extra 12-round mag in my pocket every day and rarely notice it. That’s 23 rounds and more than enough peace of mind for my day-to-day needs. So I don’t even feel bad about losing a little capacity.

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So Why Have Two Sigs?

Sig Sauer caught my eye with their P320 pistols, but I didn’t bite at first. Then they rolled out the tiny Sig P365 with a flurry of media hype. I still didn’t budge. Now I wish I had hopped on the bandwagon earlier and saved myself the time and money. I've two versatile pistols for training classes, self-defense and trips to the range. It was well worth the price tag.

The similarities and size differences between these guns give you a lot of flexibility – training classes, range days, home defense and concealed carry. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

The Sig P320 was actually my first Sig Sauer firearm, and it didn’t disappoint. Yet it was the P365 that brought me back for another Sig gun. I will happily admit that I shoot my P320 better. It has a longer sight radius, allows for a better grip, and provides better recoil control. Simply put, it’s just bigger.

That said, I grab my Sig P365 nearly every time I get ready to leave the house these days. If we get down to brass tacks, that’s what really matters in a carry gun. You have to carry it and trust it. Its job is to work when you need it. The P365 checks all those boxes and makes for a pretty compact EDC kit.

Sig Sauer’s P365 allows you to create a compact and effective EDC kit. (Photo: Paul Peterson/Guns.com)

I do still carry my Sig P320 from time to time, and it’s also my backup home defense handgun. I find it easy to transition between both the Sig P365 and the Sig P320 as a shooter. No, they don’t have the exact same feel. But my hands are comfortable with the similarities. 

Even the triggers feel similar to me. It makes transitioning between the two fairly seamless. That’s what I want in two guns I’m willing to carry every single day. If there’s something you don’t like, Sig makes their pistols incredibly modular. So customize your gun to your heart’s desire. 


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