What’s more fun than shooting impressive accuracy groupings? Doing so with perhaps the most affordable chambering in the world: the common, low-recoiling, .22 Long Rifle

While plenty of semi-automatics are written off as “accurate enough,” there are a few that set themselves apart, especially in the pistol world. Here are our top four picks in do-all, currently manufactured, lights-out rimfire repeating handguns. 

Defining our Rimfire Pistol Picks

There’s a line in the sand between purpose-built competition guns like those ultra-customized silhouette pieces and the run-of-the-mill repeaters found on the shelves of gun stores. Every pistol on this list remains in production today. 

After decades of shooting, we’ve found a handful of guns that excel at most everything. While some easily hold their own in silhouette competition, every one of the guns on this list are practical for everything from plinking to hunting to winning competitions. These guns make us look good, and we’re sure you’ll love them too, if you don’t already. 

Volquartsen Black Mamba

Some guns just make you smile – when taking them out of the box, when handling, and for sure, when firing. The Black Mamba tops that list. Built on a Ruger 22/45 frame with the push-button takedown functionality of Ruger’s Mark IV design, everything else on a Volquartsen hits custom level in a production gun. 

There’s a threaded muzzle with a single-port comp. The LLV Competition Upper can be had with either a 4.5 or 6-inch stainless barrel. The accurizing kit culminates in a 2.25-pound trigger pull. And, everything is done in America. The Black Mamba is incredibly lightweight – under 2 pounds! Fully adjustable fiber-optic sights get shooters on target, but the integral Picatinny rail offers solid mounting for optics. 

Even for shooters not wanting to spring for the high-end, competition-grade Black Mamba, it’s impossible to go wrong with anything Volquartsen. If it doesn’t shoot lights-out, something’s seriously wrong. 

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Ruger Mark IV

One of the most common and available on this list is the Ruger Mark repeating pistol family. The latest Mark IV iteration, with its simple push-button takedown, also contains some exceptionally comfortable and accurate variants – the Target, Competition, and Hunter. Barrels range from 5.5 to 10 inches, and magazines hold 10 rounds. 

The drilled and tapped receiver easily accepts scope bases. The 6.8-inch fluted bull barrel of the Hunter and same length slab-sided bull of the Competition feel like a sweet spot for size meets accuracy. There are fully adjustable quality irons and ambidextrous manual safety. 

The design, like others on this list, is inherently more accurate, as the barrel remains fixed with a reciprocating bolt. While the aforementioned variants may prove more accurate in head-to-head testing, buyers really can’t go wrong with any of the Mark series. Those pieces have proven their worth decades over. 

Smith & Wesson Model 41

For many decades, one of the premium semi-automatic rimfire pistols, whether for competition or backyard delight, has been the Smith & Wesson Model 41. With a rich history dating to post-WWII America, the Model 41 has enthralled generations. From national competitions to tin cans on the fencepost, the 41 has been there, done that – and it remains in the S&W lineup today.

The gun features a rear target sight with micrometer click-adjustments and a Patridge front. A crisp target trigger breaks anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. The 41 uses a switch-barrel design, with new guns allowing for both a 5.5- and 7-inch barrel on one frame. 

The ergonomic grip design mimics that of the 1911 pistol, with the same angle and feel in the hand. There are used models with customized grips, others with Olympic-style weights, or even bull barrels. At the end of the day, the blowback action Model 41, whether new or pre-owned, is a shooter’s shooter. 

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Browning Buck Mark

To simply list Browning’s Buck Mark pistol family is awfully broad when building a list of precision shooters. In fact, we lost count at well over 50 model variants over the years. The single-action blowback design has proven both reliable and accurate. Models like the Target, Hunter, and Plus offer accuracy-friendly barrels, grips, sights, and features. 

A good number of models are suppressor and optics ready. A few, though, are especially exceptional. Looking for the ultimate precision Buck Mark? Take a gander at the specialty Buck Mark Silhouette with its walnut forend and extended bull barrel. 

While we’re on cool things, the Buck Mark Varmint is equally drool-worthy in both form and function. Another factor driving Buck Mark sales is the model’s modularity. While it may no longer technically be a factory production gun, owners can customize their Buck Mark with aftermarket barrels, triggers, sights, and much more – all with a bent on making the gun more accurate and enjoyable. 


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Final Thoughts

No matter your choice in rimfire repeaters, the joy found on the range can be measured with the same grins and high-fives. There’s something delightful about plinking the day away with .22 Long Rifle rounds from a repeating pistol. For those lucky enough to own one of the pieces on our list, we’re confident you’re constantly met with smooth cycling, fast-shooting, and impress-your-friends accuracy.

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